Top 5 Best Smart Locks Without Deadbolt

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Having a smart lock in your home is one of the easiest things you can add to help keep your home’s security automated and simple to use. 

Many smart locks replace the deadbolt on your door, but what happens if you have a door without a deadbolt and still want a smart lock in your home? Don’t worry.

There are plenty of locks with full door handle or knob replacements. No need to look into drilling, carving, and installing a deadbolt hole. I take a look at the Best Smart Locks Without Deadbolt for your door at home.

For those in a hurry, here’s the short list of the top three smart locks without a deadbolt. 

Let’s first discuss a little on deadbolts and then into the smart lock comparison.

What is a Deadbolt and Do I Need a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt is the locking mechanism that is usually installed right above the handle on your door. It’s meant to provide a second layer of security once engaged.

Unlike spring locks, it cannot be moved to the open position without manually unlocking from the inside. Deadbolts are built tough and can’t be easily breached. 

Do you need a deadbolt? You don’t need one, but it does add another layer of door security. 

Door Compatibility For a Smart Lock Without Deadbolt?

Sometimes, you may find that the doors in your home have no deadbolt mechanism installed in them. Unless you want to drill a deadbolt hole in your door with some power tools, deadbolt smart locks are out of the question.

One of the best solutions to this situation is to get a smart lock unit that replaces the door handle/knob mechanism on your door. 

Once the lock is installed, you’re ready to remotely control your smart lock through your smartphone. You can also control your smart lock with Alexa, Siri or Google voice assistants

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best smart locks without a deadbolt that you can consider before making your decision. Read on for the details.

5 Best Smart Locks Without Deadbolt

Best Overall: Yale Assure Lever – Connected by August – Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Touchscreen Lever Lock

The Yale Assure Lever Lock is a great upgrade to your regular door handle. With this smart lock, fumbling about for your keys are a thing of the past. 

With Connected by August integration, the Yale lock detects you and your smartphone as you approach the door. The Yale lock automatically unlocks the door for you for ultimate convenience. 

If you don’t have your smartphone with you, the responsive touchscreen keypad allows you to simply key in your access code to gain entry. 

Access key codes can be shared with family and friends for temporary or permanent access. All you need to do is open the August app on your smartphone.

Yale Assure Lock Connected by August Full Review | Best August Smart Lock You've Never Heard Of?

When you leave the house, the Auto Unlock function will engage and automatically lock the door behind you. No more worrying whether you left your door unlocked as you’re cruising down the freeway! 

Door activity is monitored too. When the smart lock senses any activity (codes being entered or door opened), notifications are sent to you in real time. You can track everything that happens at your door for complete peace of mind.

Best Value: Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

Touted as the world’s first 5-in-1 keyless entry smart lock, the Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock is packed full of features that really make it stand out from others on the market. 

You can unlock it via smartphone, access code, fingerprint sensor, mechanical key and a knock-to-open function, which to be honest, is totally cool.

Ultraloq Knock to Open Demo

For maximum security, the keypad has an anti-peep function that ensures that prying eyes won’t be able to copy your access code. 

You can type in any number of random digits, and as long as the correct access code is embedded in between the long set of numbers you key in, it lets you in. 

95 unique fingerprints can be stored in the fingerprint sensor’s memory and it identifies each fingerprint in less than half a second.

Download the Ultralog U-tec app and you’ll be able to use knock on your phone four times to unlock the Ultraloq lock. Don’t feel like knocking? You can shake your phone to open. Or open the U-tec app and press the button to unlock the door. 

Installing this smart lock only requires a screwdriver and minutes to replace your old, non-smart door handle. The handle is reversible too, so it works for both left-handed and right-handed doors alike.

Best Budget Friendly: Kwikset SmartCode 917 Keypad Contemporary Lever Lock

This smart lock from Kwikset features 3 modes that you can choose from: 

  • Auto Lock function – Locks the door behind you after every entry and exit
  • Passage mode – Door stays unlocked when you have guests over
  • Disable Passage – Always lock after any interaction for full security

Up to 30 access codes can be shared with your family, friends or guests, and one-time codes can be given out for temporary access.

Wandwoo Electronic Door Locks with Bluetooth

The Wandwoo Electronic Door Lock is a Bluetooth smart lock that can be operated via one of three ways – Bluetooth, entering your PIN code, or using a mechanical key. 

The Bluetooth function works by connecting to the smartphone app and unlocking it from there.  Entering your PIN code on the mechanical keypad unlocks it quickly and simply. 

If you really needed to use keys, two mechanical keys are included in the box for you to unlock your door as you would a regular lock.

Battery life on this smart lock is impressive, clocking in at 5,000 access code entries before needing its 4 AA batteries replaced. 

The smartphone app lets you check every single activity that happens at your smart lock and allows you to control your smart lock remotely. 

You can create and send a one-time code to any guests who are at your door to allow them temporary access. 

Reversible handles ensure that both right and left-handed doors are compatible with this smart lock.

Schlage Touch Century Lock with Latitude Lever

The Schlage Touch Century Lock is designed and built like a tank. The Schlge lock has a Grade 2 security rating so it is truly as tough as it looks. 

Keys are a thing of the past with this smart lock, as the fingerprint resistant touchscreen allows you to enter your access codes conveniently to gain access. 

There are no keyholes for would-be intruders to try and pick, so it’s definitely up there in terms of security.

It has a 2-year battery life, a low battery light indicator and a built-in 9V battery backup connector if you forget to replace the batteries. Touch a 9 volt battery to the backup connector on the lock and you gain access to the lock.  

There’s no wiring needed during installation, and you can replace your old door handle in just a matter of minutes.

The Schlage lock is a popular smart lock for commercial office doors and garage entry doors.

Final Thoughts

The Best Overall Smart Lock and my choice is the Yale Assure Lever with Touchscreen for its reputation and all the great features. Add on the Connected by August features and you’ve got great lock automation convenience.

The best value for money is the Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock, for all of its packed features, unrivaled security, and great design.

For the best budget-friendly option, the Kwikset SmartCode 917 Keypad Contemporary Lever Lock does all that you want a smart lock to do, at a price point that is very attractive.

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