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Roborock S5 vs S6 Comparison Review

Two of Roborock’s top robot vacuums go head-to-head in this matchup, Roborock S5 vs S6. When it comes to cleaning, navigation, mapping, both are not slouches…

How to Reset a Roomba

I cover how to reset a Roomba and keep it running. I’ll go through each set of instructions for Roomba’s 600, 800, 900, e, i, and s series models. Make sure to …


We research the products to help you find the best ones for you. We also research the technology and tell you how to use it easily.

5 Best Smart Locks for Airbnb Rentals

Smart locks are perfect for property owners who rent out their properties on platforms like Airbnb, but what are the Best Smart Locks for Airbnb? I cover the …


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Mysa Smart Thermostats Full Review

What do you do when you have high voltage systems (line voltage) for your electric baseboard and in-floor heaters? Mysa Smart Thermostats are what to look at …

Top 7 Best Smart Thermostats That Work with Google Home

Smart thermostats can automate energy savings of up to 23%. If you want those savings, I look at the best smart thermostats that work with Google Home, not all thermostats are compatible with Google, so be sure to take a look at the details.

Top 7 Best Smart Thermostats For Alexa

Alexa-compatible smart home devices are found all around us. I looked at the top thermostats for this look at the Top 7 Best Smart Thermostats for Alexa. But which thermostat is the best?

Best ecobee Thermostats Compared

ecobee smart thermostats learn how to keep you comfy, while saving energy costs at the same time. But which are the best ecobee thermostats? I dive deep in this detailed comparison review.


You can ask your voice assistant (e.g. Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant) to automate all your home needs.

Best Smart Home Ecosystem

There are hundreds of smart devices out there, and they’re not all compatible with each other. What’st he best smart home ecosystem to connect them all together?

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs 8 vs 10

Latest Amazon Echo Show comparison of the Echo Show 10 vs 8 vs 5 vs Echo Show (2nd Gen). Smart speakers are increasingly popular and with this latest …