How To Clean A Roomba Filter

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iRobot’s Roomba robot vacuum cleaners are quite self-sufficient, especially the more advanced models like the top of the line Roomba s9+. But even with all the smart features and automation, a certain amount of manual maintenance is still needed. You’ll want to maintain and clean the Roomba regularly to keep the Roomba in top shape.

The Roomba filter is one part you’ll want to keep clean and maintained. The air filter traps dust, allergens, dirt, debris, and other small particles. If you have allergies, you’ll want to clean and potentially replace the filters more often.

Cleaning filters is fairly easy to perform for most people, no matter the model. It’s certainly not rocket science, but depending on the models they may or may not appear as intuitive to every single person.

This article covers each of the Roomba to give comprehensive step-by-step guides on how to remove and clean Roomba filters.

How to Clean A Roomba Vacuum Filter

Roomba 600 Series Models

The instructions are good for the following models: Roomba 614, 670, 671, 675, 677, 690, 692, and 694.

The 600 series is iRobot’s awesome budget-friendly line of Roomba models, starting with the baseline Roomba 614 and the top of the 600 class Roomba 694.

Here’s how to remove and clean 600 series filters:

  • Start by removing the bin by pressing its release button
  • Pull the bin door open and empty the bin into the trash, while the filter is still inside the bin
  • Remove the filter by pulling it out of the bin
  • Gently tap the dust container with your hand or against your trash bin, until clean
  • Reinstall the filter

How to Empty the Bin and Clean the Filter | Roomba® 600 series | iRobot®

Roomba 800 and 900 Series

These instructions are intended for these models: Roomba 805, 890, 960, 980, 985.

Both of these mid-range Roomba series provide impressive features. They deliver improvements in suction power, navigation, and noise reduction in some models.

These two series have the same set of instructions for filter and sensor maintenance.

  • Press the button for bin removal
  • Open the bin and get rid of the debris into the trash can
  • With a clean, dry cloth, carefully wipe the inner and outer sensor ports
    • You can use lightly dampened melamine foam to wipe the Roomba
  • Open the filter door
  • Pull the yellow tab to remove the filter
  • Gently shake the filter against your trash container until all debris has come off
    • A cleaning brush can help 
  • Return the filter to its original place within the bin
How to Clean Vacuum Filter and Bin | Roomba® 900 series | iRobot®

Roomba e, i, j, and s Series Models E5, i7, and s9 Series

The models covered within these instructions:

  • Roomba e5 and e6
  • Roomba i3, i3+, i4, i4+, i6+, i7, i7+, i8+
  • Roomba j7 and j7+
  • Roomba s9 and s9+

These models also have dust bins that are washable and should be washed, which will also feature as part of this maintenance routine.

Read this post for more details on how to empty dustbins for all Roomba models.

  • Remove the bin by pressing on its release button
  • Empty the bin’s debris into your trash container by pressing the bin door release button marked with a trashcan icon
  • Remove the filter, which is located on the left side of the bin
  • Tap the filter over the container with care until it’s cleared of all dirt or debris
    • Using a handheld vacuum here can help clean the filter further more thoroughly
  • Use warm water to wash the device’s dust bin of any leftover debris
  • Leave the dust bin to ventilate for as long as it takes for it to dry completely
  • Once the device’s dustbin is completely dry, return the filter to its place on the left side of the bin
    • Make sure to hear the snap sound it produces when properly attached
  • Return the bin inside the Roomba
How to clean your Roomba i7/i7+

Cleaning Roomba Filter Final Thoughts

Right away, it should be pretty obvious that the removal, cleaning, and overall maintenance steps are similar from model to model.

The cleaning process for the sensors and filters don’t vary too greatly. So when you upgrade to a newer Roomba, it won’t feel too foreign when you need to clean the filter.

However, not all models require exactly the same amount of regular maintenance. Exercise good judgment with regular cleaning of your Roomba’s filter and dustbin after cleaning cycles.

For example, your Roomba has electrical wiring, so if your filter and dustbin are washable, be sure to wait until they’re completely dry before returning them inside the Roomba.

You should always be mindful of some things that you can do to give your little helper bot a hand as well, aside from regular upkeep.

For instance, you can plan ahead for your Roomba cleaning sessions, by removing certain objects that could ruin your Roomba when it tries to suck debris into it. There are often things like keys, cables, or the kids’ legos that you’ll want to pick up first.

Even though your Roomba may be able to handle some things, it can’t hurt if you take that opportunity for failure away.

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Clean Roomba Filter FAQs

When Do You Need To Replace The Filter?

This varies on how often you run the Roomba, kids, pets, carpet, and lifestyle in general. You’ll want to check the filters at least 1-2 times a month to check in on how the filter health. I replace the Roomba filter about every 3 months or so depending on how much I use it.

iRobot recommends replacing the filter every 2 months, but I’ve been good with every 3-4 months. When you clean your filters, you’ll see when you need to replace it. Don’t wait just because it hasn’t been a certain time that’s passed.

How often should you clean your Roomba’s filter?

You should clean your robot vacuum cleaner’s filter every three months. This will help prevent clogs and keep your Roomba running smoothly. If you notice that there’s an excessive buildup of dust or dirt in your Roomba‘s filter, then you should change it out for a new one. Changing the filter should improve the performance of your Roomba and extend its life.

How long does it take to clean a Roomba filter?

Cleaning your Roomba’s filter takes about 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t take a lot of time and is actually quite easy. All you have to do is remove the lid, empty the bin, and put everything back together.

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