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Life on AI (LifeOnAI .com) is pleased to announce that we have acquired the Allure-Energy .com domain.

By combining the resources, there will be better smart home product reviews, guides, tips, how-to’s, and more.

About Allure Energy and Eversense Smart Thermostats

Founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas, Allure Energy had been making some of the best smart thermostats and other technologies for consumers to better control the temperature and comfort levels of their homes.

Allure Energy had a portfolio of over 75 patents that helped to create innovative solutions in the smart home industry for smart thermostats, smart home security and alarm systems, smart lights, security cameras, and other smart devices.

The Eversense was a smart thermostat that offered the unique ability to sense humidity levels and adjust accordingly. It also included proximity control technology, geofencing, remote access through mobile apps, and more.

The Eversense thermostat knew when you left and came home, so it could automatically adjust the temperature for maximum energy savings. It also knew what temperature to make your house, so it was cozy for you when you got home.

The all-in-one unit had a touch screen LCD that displays images and weather, as well as a music streaming feature so you can come home to your favorite song every day.

One of latest products was a smart thermostat called Eversense 2.0 that paired with an app, allowed you to control your temperature and environment from afar. The Eversense smart thermostat compared to ecobee vs Nest and stood up very well.

Once the smart thermostat paired with your mobile device, the AI was able to accurately identify where you were in the house. It would then personalize your thermostat and lighting settings according to your preferences.

The Eversense thermostats have been discontinued and not supported.

About Life on AI

Life on AI has become a go-to source for all things smart home, because of its commitment to research, testing, and providing the truth for its visitors.

Many of the posts on Life on AI are about the latest smart home innovations to make your lives better and safer.

What started out as one writer writing about the Best Roomba Models has now expanded to a team of five writing reviews and guides about many smart devices and technologies:

Smart home security systems, smart home hubs, smart home ecosystems, smart speakers, smart lights, smart kitchen appliances, smart thermostats, robot vacuums, robot mops, 3D printers, smart locks, video doorbells, security cameras, smart TVs, smart gardening, smart lawn care, smart fitness, smart pet products, and so much more that make our lives better and safer.

What’s Next for Life on AI?

Life on AI’s acquisition of Allure-Energy .com has given the site more expertise in many more areas of the smart home, especially when it comes to smart thermostats, temperature control, and providing comfort at home.

Please note the Eversense line of smart thermostats was not acquired and there is no support offered on Life on AI for it.