5 Best Smart Locks for Bedrooms

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Smart locks are mostly installed on your home’s front door and side door that opens outside. But if you’re here reading this, that means you’re looking for one of the best smart locks for bedrooms. 

Maybe you’re looking for an easy barebones security system option for added security for specific rooms inside your house. Let’s take a look at the high quality options out there in this list of the top 5 best smart lock for bedroom doors. 

If you’re in a hurry, here’s my short list of the top door lock system options. 

Let’s get into the details of these locks now. Further below, I’ll also take a look at some important considerations that’re going to help you decide on what lock types will work the best for you.  

5 Best Smart Locks for Bedrooms

1. Best Overall – Yale Assure Lever Lock, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Touchscreen

Most homeowners would agree that Yale is one of the most trusted brands in lock manufacturing and home security as they’ve been leading the industry for over 180 years.  

The Yale Assure Lever is no different from the rest of Yale’s products, bringing complicated, high tech lock technology in easy-to-use smart locks to increase home security indoors and outdoors. 

The Yale Lever replaces the lever or door knob on your door, and it’s easy to install. No need for drilling or anything complicated.  

Through a partnership with August Smart Lock, you’re able to use the August app and many useful features like automatic locking and unlocking. Passcode creation and management is easy on the app. 

The auto lock feature is great because I know I often forget to lock the door, especially indoors. On the flipside, as you walk up to the door with your smartphone, the auto unlock feature engages and you don’t need to enter a keycode. 

When you do enter an access code, the keypad provides easy keyless entry. 

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The Yale lock will work together with various voice activated devices and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri. 

This Yale lever lock is a great option as it offers many of the great security features you want for ultimate control and in an easy-to-use package. 

2. Best Value – Ultraloq Lever Smart Lock + Wi-Fi Bridge Adaptor

The Ultraloq Lever Lock is a great replacement for your door handle or knob, and a fantastic upgrade to the security at your door. 

The smart reversible handle design allows you to manipulate the handle from left to right and vice versa. That means you don’t need to worry about buying the wrong-sided door handle. 

It’s designed to fit any standard interior and exterior door with a single hole prep.

A 4-in-1 keyless entry system lets you access your door through remote control (smartphone), fingerprint sensor, keypad access code and lastly, your physical key. 

The Ultraloq smartphone app lets you share digital keys or codes with guests for access during specific time periods. 

You’ll be able to bring up the door’s activity log to know exactly what happens at your door in real-time. A passage button allows you to toggle a mode that keeps the door open when you have guests over, reducing the need to key in access codes every time you need to open the door. 

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If you wish to connect this smart lock to Wi-Fi however, you’ll need the Wi-Fi bridge that comes packaged. The Wi-Fi connect module will need to be plugged in relatively close to where the lever lock is. 

With the WiFi adapter installed, you have remote access to the lock via your smartphone. That’ll allow you to connect to smart home systems for voice controlled access and home automation for convenience.

3. Best Budget-Friendly – Kwikset SmartCode 917 Keypad Contemporary Lever Lock

The Kwikset SmartCode 917 Keypad Contemporary Lever Lock is another door handle replacement that’s super secure with a BHMA certified AAA rating. That’s the best possible rating for residential door hardware in the categories of security, durability, and finish. 

It comes in two designs, Contemporary and Traditional style, and four colors. You’ll be able to select a design combination that’s sure to fit your door style. 

It’s not as sleek as the other locks, but it does come in at a lower price point than the others. It’s also made for indoor use and not as smart as others. The Kwikset 917 doesn’t have wireless connectivity nor app to control the lock.

There are two ways to unlock the door with the SmartCode 917: a traditional key and keyless entry through a keypad. 

The electronic keypad lets you enter up to 30 pre-programmed, customized access codes that can be shared among your family and friends. You can also set one-time user codes to give access to people like a dog walker when needed. 

The keyhole on this smart lever lock is designed with SmartKey Security technology. SmartKey helps protect against potential break-ins, and if you lose your key, you can easily re-key the lock with any other key you have on hand in a matter of seconds. That means you don’t need to replace whole locks anymore. 

The handle itself is reversible, ensuring that you’ll be able to put the lever handle on the left or right side of doors. 

Enabling the Auto-lock function automatically tells it to lock itself after every entry and exit, and Passage mode keeps your door unlocked fully until you disable it again.

The SmartCode 917 is another good smart lock for interior room doors you want to keep secure. 

4. Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Deadbolt

The Yale Assure Lock will replace the existing hardware on your deadbolt mechanism on your door. If your door doesn’t have a space for a deadbolt, you can look at this list of the best smart locks without a deadbolt, DIY a hole, or hire a lock keys expert installation.

A backlit touchscreen keypad lets you or your guests enter pre-programmed keycodes into an access keypad to gain entry. 

Functions such as Auto Unlock lets you automatically unlock your door just as you approach it with your phone in your pocket. 

The August smartphone app notifies you of any activity that is going on at your door, and the DoorSense technology alerts you if you left your door open accidentally for extra privacy and security.

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are all compatible with the Assure lock. Another Yale lock you can check out if you have a Nest smart thermostat is the Nest X Yale lock as that’s part of the Google Assistant family.

The Assure Lock is a good option if you have a home office or workspace, and your door can accommodate a deadbolt. If you don’t have a space in the door for a deadbolt, look at the Yale Lever lock. 

5. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Gen)

The sleek and simple design of the August Wi-Fi smart lock belies its advanced features and performance.

This 4th generation August Smart Lock provides a step up from the 3rd generation August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. This one has everything you need in the lock already, no Connect WiFi Bridge needed to connect to WiFi. 

Plus, the 4th gen August Smart Lock is 45% smaller than the 3rd generation model. That will keep the look cleaner on your doors.  

The August app notifies you of any door activity, low lock battery life, and allows you to send secure virtual keys to your friends, family or guests for temporary access. These codes are easily reprogrammable when they’re not needed anymore. 

Features like auto unlock, auto lock, and DoorSense (similar to the one in the Yale locks) give you the convenience you deserve.

Since it also only attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside, you have the ability to still use your deadbolt’s original keys from the outside for convenience.

Best Indoor Smart Lock Final Thoughts

Best Overall

The best overall smart lock for bedroom doors title belongs to the Yale Assure Lever Lock. It’s ease of installation and use, and high quality puts it up on top of the other other locks. 

Best Value

The best value and bang for your buck is the Ultraloq Lever Smart Lock + Bridge WiFi Adaptor. Offering multiple ways to unlock the door is very convenient. 

Best Budget Friendly

For those on a budget, the Kwikset SmartCode 917 is the smart door lock to get. It provides smart features and functionality at a low price tag. 

Why Use Smart Locks for Bedrooms?

Smart locks for bedrooms let people maintain their privacy and keep others out of rooms that only certain individuals can access. 

Maybe you have a wine room or recording studio in your home. Do you have a safe in your bedroom or home office that contains valuables? 

Or you could use a lock to keep kids out of a workspace and away from dangerous tools. This is one that gives me nice peace of mind with my kids.

If you’re renting a room in a house with roommates you don’t know well, you’ll want to lock your door as-if it was a house’s front door. 

Getting a quality lock will be key, whether it’s a standard lock or smart door lock, you’re going to want a trusted device with high reliability. 

Lock types include push locks, keyhole locks, knob locks, deadbolt lock, regular turn key locks, high tech locking system, etc. 

Individual locks offer different locking features and security capabilities, so you’ll want to take a good look at them before purchasing. 

Smart Lock Compatibility for Bedrooms and Interior Doors 

If you have a smart home system installed in your home already, smart door locks can be paired with other smart devices via various wireless protocols like: WiFi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee. 

Take a look at the wireless technology you’re already using at home to make sure you get one that’s compatible with what you already have at home. 

You’ll be able to create skills and IFTTT applets for routines paired with your home security system, smart thermostat, smart garage door, robot vacuums, smart kitchen appliances, smart speakers, and smart displays. 

Using voice commands like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri help to give you a great hands-off experience with some smart locks.  

As you can see, compatibility across multiple devices is what home automation is all about. Locks are one of the cornerstone smart home devices that a smart home needs.

Imagine being downstairs and telling your Apple Homekit or Echo Show speaker to lock your door, because you’re nice and comfy on the sofa. 

If you’re looking for other places to take advantage of smart locks, check out these articles and the ultimate guide to the best smart locks

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