How to Set Roomba Schedule and Delete It

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A great feature of Roomba robot vacuums is creating cleaning schedules for the Roomba. This way you can set it up to clean your home at a certain time and date.

This article will show you how to set a Roomba schedule and how to delete a Roomba schedule. 

How to Set Roomba Schedule

Setting the schedule for your Wi-Fi connected Roomba robot vacuum is easy to do. 

  • Open the iRobot HOME App
  • Select your Roomba vacuum
  • How do I program a Roomba for certain areas
  • How do I program a Roomba for certain areas
  • Select SCHEDULE
  • Select the DAY you want the Roomba to clean. The Time Menu will open. Set the time of day you want the cleaning to be done. 

You can also use voice commands with your Amazon Alexa-enabled smart home device. 

Set the schedule using any of these voice commands: 

  • Alexa, ask Roomba to schedule vacuuming.
  • Alexa, ask Roomba to schedule a vacuuming job on (day) at (time).
  • Alexa, ask Roomba to schedule vacuuming.

If you don’t remember the current cleaning schedule, you can find out by asking either of these voice commands: 

  • Alexa, ask Roomba when my robot is scheduled to vacuum.
  • Alexa, tell Roomba to list my vacuuming schedule.

How to Delete Roomba Schedule

With the new iRobot Genius Home app, clearing deleting the Roomba schedule became less intuitive. Many people say that the delete function disappeared, but it’s still there, just hidden. 

  • Open the iRobot HOME app
  • Choose your Roomba 
  • Select the Schedule to delete
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom, below the list of areas and zones. You should see the Delete button. 
  • Select DELETE to remove the Roomba schedule.

Another way to clear the Roomba schedule at one time is to reset the Roomba to its original, factory settings. 

How to Delete Roomba Schedule on 500, 600, 800 Series Models

On older and lower end Roomba models that are not Wi-Fi connected, you’ll need to clear the Roomba schedule with the buttons. 

  • Press and Hold the SCHEDULE button
  • Press the DAY button a few times to cycle through the Roomba’s current cleaning schedule times. 
  • Once you get to the schedule you want to delete, Press and Hold DAY to delete. 

What is the iRobot Genius?

The iRobot Genius is an intelligent assistant in the HOME app that helps you keep your house tidy and clutter free. With the iRobot Genius, you can control your home from anywhere in the world. 

It has many features including scheduling cleaning cycles and creating cleaning zones. It will also create custom cleaning schedules based on your preferences. 

With iRobot Genius, it will automatically combine insights from your personal cleaning habits and technology to create an individualized cleaning experience. And because it’s always up to date, it gives you complete control, straight from the mobile app. 

When to Schedule the Roomba to Clean 

What are the best times for your Roomba to clean the floors?

I always recommend scheduling your Roomba to run during the off hours. This allows you to have more time to relax or sleep without having to worry about the Roomba waking you up. 

If you go to the office, you can also set the Roomba to start cleaning when you leave for work, so it can be done by the time you come home from work. This would allow you to spend some quieter, quality time with your family. 

If you have a large home, you can also set the Roomba to clean different areas of your home in different days. That way, the Roomba doesn’t run all day trying to clean every inch of your home. It can clean specific areas each day. 

You can even set the Roomba schedule to only clean certain rooms. For example, if you don’t like dusting the kitchen table, you could set the Roomba only to clean the kitchen floor. 

Set and Clear Roomba Schedule Final Thoughts

All in all, setting and clearing the Roomba schedule is easy. If you have a Wi-Fi Roomba, it’s even easier with the iRobot Home app. 

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