How Do You Open a Kwikset Lock With a Dead Battery

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How do you open a Kwikset lock with a dead battery?

If you have ever tried to open a Kwikset lock with a dead battery, then you know how frustrating it can be. The keypad is unresponsive, and you don’t even know where to start.

Smart locks are very convenient for homeowners who want to use their keys only when they need them. But what if the batteries die or your smart lock malfunctions? If this happens, you will not be able to open your door through its smart features. 

This article will cover multiple ways to unlock a Kwikset lock that has a dead battery.  

Methods to Open a Kwikset Lock With a Dead Battery

There are several methods to open a Kwikset lock with a dead battery. 

1. Using a Traditional Key To Unlock the Door

The vast majority of Kwikset keyless and smart locks open with a standard key. Yes, the traditional way of unlocking doors before smart features took over. 

If you forget your access code, cannot remember the correct digits, or your Kwikset battery dies, use the key you know works with your Kwikset door lock. The lock will open immediately, and you can replace the batteries to get the Kwikset working again.

2. Have a Spare Key Handy

Having a physical key that’s easily accessible helps you when unlocking the door. A backup copy of the key should be kept somewhere else.

Good places to keep a backup key include your car, office, in your garden, at a neighbor’s or elsewhere. 

3. Replace the Dead Batteries on the Kwikset Lock

To keep your Kwikset Smart Lock functioning properly, replacing its battery regularly is essential. Think about using rechargeable batteries as you won’t worry about wasting batteries if you changed out batteries that weren’t dead yet. 

Smart locks will usually give you low battery warning notifications 2 to 3 weeks before the battery will die completely. You should change out the battery as soon as you receive the notification. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to replace the Kwikset lock’s batteries: 

  1. Make sure the Kwikset lock is not locked and the alarm is not armed. You might set off an alarm if you attempt to change the batteries when it is armed.
  2. Turn the inside of the lock to a vertical position, so it points up and down.
  3. Put the wrench tool that comes with your lock into a screw on the right side of the battery cover. If you cannot find the screw, check the user manual.
  4. Repeat the step for the screws on the left and the bottom. 
  5. Take off the battery cover and remove the battery pack. 
  6. Replace the old AA or AAA batteries in the battery pack. 
  7. Depending on the Kwikset lock model, you may need to Press and Hold the Program button for 5 seconds, then Press and Hold the A button for 5 seconds before you can put the battery pack back in the lock. 
  8. Press and Hold the deadbolt’s Lock button for a few seconds, as you’re inserting the battery pack. 
  9. Put the battery cover back on and use the wrench tool to put the screws back on. 
  10. Double-check that the lock is working as it should be and there’s no low battery warning any longer. 

Here’s a video from sellgooddeals DIY on changing batteries on a Kwikset deadbolt lock. 

How To Change Battery Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt Lock

Here’s another video by RV Enthusiast on how to change the battery on a Kwikset lock. 

Kwikset Lock Battery Change

4. Change the Code on the Kwikset Lock

It’s really simple to change the code on your keyless locks. Follow these steps to change the code: 

  1. Open the door. 
  2. Press and Hold the Program button on the keypad until the it starts to flash green. 
  3. Press the Lock button. Enter your new master code. 
  4. Press the Lock button again. Enter the new master code again to confirm it. 
  5. Press the Lock to confirm the master code change for the Kwikset lock. 

Check your user manual if there are any differences for your specific Kwikset model. 

Are Smart Locks Worth It?

If you have a smart lock installed on your home, you’ll never lose access to your home again. They make life easier because you don’t have to remember your keys and they also help prevent burglaries.

Smart locks connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and can let you know when someone has entered or exited your house. This way, you won’t ever forget to lock your doors. Some models even include compatibility with motion sensors and cameras that will alert you whenever someone enters or

Keyless entry is great, but sometimes you want more control over who gets inside your home. That’s where a smart lock comes in handy. These devices work just like traditional locks, but they’re connected to an app on your phone, so you can manage them remotely.

Most smart locks have a keypad that lets you enter codes to unlock the door. If you prefer not to type in a code every time you open the door, some locks have an auto-unlock feature based on proximity.

When your smartphone comes within a certain distance to the smart lock, it will automatically open. Auto-unlock is great if you’re carrying a number of grocery bags. The most common types of smart locks are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Kwikset Locks and Smartphone Integration

Specific Kwikset locks that have compatible smartphone apps include the Halo, Halo Touch and Aura. The Kwikset app allows you to remotely lock and unlock your dead bolt. You can download this app onto your iPhone or Android device. 

The Kwikset Smartcode 917 smart lock is a great choice for those looking for a simple solution. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone or tablet. With this lock, you can easily see what day it was the last time someone unlocked your front door.

A keyless lock is a very useful device. You can use it without having to carry around a key. This is especially helpful if you don’t know what key fits into a particular lock. A keyless lock also makes it easier to access your house when you have forgotten your keys.

Unlock Kwikset Lock With a Dead Battery Final Thoughts

 Kwikset locks are great and super convenient to use, but they still run on batteries and these batteries will eventually run out of power. 

If you forget to change the battery in time, follow the guides above to open the door or change the batteries.

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