Top 4 Best Smart Locks that Work with SimpliSafe

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Home automation has changed home security systems in our 21st century homes and it all starts with the smart lock. The biggest problem with traditional door locks is getting locked out of your house because you lose your keys. Happened to me more times than I care to think about!

With a smart lock, you have multiple ways to open your door. You can open it with your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, fingerprint reader, touchscreen keypad, Bluetooth, and more. Smart locks can also be safer because no one is copying your lost keys. 

Smart locks are just one piece of an overall home security system like the popular Simplisafe Security Systems. Smart locks are the first step for home protection, so we’re going to look at the Best Smart Locks that Work with Simplisafe. 

For those in a hurry and want to know the best smart door lock for you, here are the top ones.

Read on for the details about why these smart locks received the awards they did here. 

What is the SimpliSafe Security System?

SimpliSafe is a DIY smart home security system that keeps your home safe from not only intruders, but from environmental dangers such as fires and floods as well. 

The whole installation process for the Simplisafe system is meant to be easy for anyone to be able to set it up. Professionally installed systems might give you more integration with your existing smart devices like your smart thermostat and smart lights, but you need professionals to come and install the systems. 

They provide a variety of system packages that will include a variety of smart equipment connected to the Simplisafe Base Station. The hub connects multiple smart devices together that includes door entry sensors, window sensors, motion/fire/water/freeze sensors, SimpliCam security camera, smoke detectors, including their own smart door lock.  

SimpliSafe offers different monthly plans depending on smart devices and there’s no contract. There are two main plans: Standard Plan and Interactive Monitoring Plan. Some plans will include priority dispatch with faster police and fire responses. 

There are multiple options for smart locks that work with home security systems like Ring Alarm Security System, Vivint SmartHome, Nest Secure Alarm System, ADT, Brinks, and others. Not all smart locks will work with all systems though, so it’s important to look into it if you’re looking at certain security systems and/or smart devices.  

Smart Lock Compatibility With SimpliSafe Systems?

Simplisafe uses WiFi to connect to the Base Station, which is the brains of the Simplisafe System. SimpliSafe does integrate with some smart home devices, but it’ll require the Interactive Monitoring plan. 

The Interactive Monitoring plans will add mobile app functionality with arming and disarming the security system, and receiving alerts. The Interactive plan will also add video alarm verifications, unlimited camera recording, and integrations with other smart products.

Third party integrations are with Amazon Alexa and Google Home with a number of voice commands, and August Locks. The good thing about August is they have their Connected by August kit, which will allow connection to other leading smart lock brands. 

I’ve included the smart locks that work with SimliSafe below, which consists of August locks, Yale, and SimpliSafe’s own locks. 

The 4 Best Smart Locks that work with SimpliSafe Security Systems

1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

The 4th-gen model of the August WiFi Smart Lock is simple in design, yet super effective and easy to use.

One of the best things about August locks is that they work with your current lock system. The August lock replaces your deadbolt, while still allowing you to use your current keys. The entire installation process can take 10-15 minutes. 

The smart lock is controlled through the August mobile app on. There’s a great smart feature that I love, the Auto Unlock. As you’re coming home, the August lock will detect you’re close by and automatically unlock the door for you. It comes in handy when you’re carrying 10 grocery bags. 

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock review: The best lock gets better

Pairing the August smart lock and app with SimpliSafe allows you to arm and disarm the SimpliSafe security system. That’s useful when you have family and friends coming over when you’re not home. 

You’ll be able to unlock the smart lock or send them an electronic key (they need to download the August app too), while also disarming the security system. August locks can also use voice commands with Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit. 

2. August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen) + Connect with Wi-Fi Bridge

This is an earlier version of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and features the same existing keyed cylinder design. The entire lock’s components are contained within the cylinder for August locks. This model also doesn’t replace your current deadbolt system. 

The biggest differences are the larger size compared to the 4th gen lock and the need for the August Connect WiFi Bridge. The 3rd Gen smart lock only has Z-Wave and Bluetooth, so it needs a WiFi adapter. 

The August Smart Lock Pro connects to SimpliSafe like the 4th Gen August Lock model. Once the smart door lock and August Connect are installed, you’ll be able to start using its smart features like remote locking and unlocking. 

SimpliSafe’s security system will work with the 3rd Gen August Lock as long as it has the proper equipment, which is the August Connect WiFi Bridget adapter. 

3. Yale Assure Lock SL, WiFi and Bluetooth Deadbolt

Yale is one of the most trusted lock companies for over 180 years. They provide quality smart locks that would be a wonderful addition to any door. 

The Yale Assure Lock SL replaces your current key and deadbolt equipment with a keypad and deadbolt pair. The deadbolt going into your door frame is BHMA Grade 2 certified, fully motorized, quiet, solid, and offers great protection for your home.

It is 100% key free and access codes are entered on the backlit touchscreen keypad which is bright and highly intuitive. You can create temporary PINs if you need to give a family member, friend, or even a service provider access to your home.

The Yale Assure locks utilize Connected by August to be able to utilize many of the great functions like the Auto Lock feature. 

The Connected by August is what will connect the Yale lock to the SimpliSafe system through the August app. The August app gives the same smart features as the August locks above. 

4. SimpliSafe Smart Lock

SimpliSafe’s own branded smart lock is the cheapest option out of all the smart locks. It appears that SimpliSafe wants you to use their handy little lock by making it affordable with plenty of features. 

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock comes in one standard model and a detailed installation guide is available on their support page. There’s included tape to hold your outer lock in place too when you replace the interior lock.  The smart lock itself will need four AA batteries to power its connection, pairing button, and speaker. 

SimpliSafe Smart Lock - 1 Month Later Review

There’s a PIN pad for the exterior of the door. If someone doesn’t enter the correct code five times, you’ll be notified. You can also create unique PINs for family members and friends on the mobile app. 

The SimpliSafe mobile app is easy to use with large buttons to easily set the system to Home mode, Away mode, or off. The app has a lock icon that acts as a lock button for remote locking and unlocking. You’ll be able to configure alerts as well with the app. 

Not all is great with SimpliSafe though for me. The SimpliSafe lock only works with SimpliSafe’s closed system, so you can’t use the smart lock with other systems. Other smart locks will work with different devices, whether with direct integrations or IFTTT. 

Final Thoughts

There aren’t many options for smart locks that work with SimpliSafe, but the ones that do work are great. Here’s the breakdown on the best smart locks that work with SimpliSafe:

Best Overall

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation) wins the best overall smart lock, due to its high functionality, cool features, and stylish design. The August lock offers the best performance overall.

Best Value

The best value and bang for your buck comes from the August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen) + Connect with Wi-Fi Bridge. Yes, it’s another August lock and the older, bigger brother, but it still offers mostly the same features as the 4th Generation model. 

Best Budget Friendly

The smart lock for those who are more budget conscious is the Simplisafe Smart Lock. The Simplisafe lock provides all the features one would need from a smart lock and works with the SimpliSafe security system natively. 

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