How to Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck – 10 Tips

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Roombas are great little gadgets that help us clean our floors. But what if the Roomba keeps getting stuck?

They’re pretty expensive, so we’d hate to see them get stuck in places where they can’t do any good.

If you want to prevent your Roomba from getting stuck, then read on. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to make sure your Roomba doesn’t get stuck under cabinets, couches, and other furniture.  

Why Does Roomba Keep Getting Stuck?

The main reason for your Roomba getting stuck is because it’s not cleaning properly. It might be because there’s something blocking its path or it’s not detecting obstacles. 

Here are the two main reasons that the Roomba keeps getting stuck. 

1. Roomba Keeps Getting Stuck on Obstacles and Clutter

Your Roomba gets stuck when it encounters an obstacle like a chair leg, couch cushion, or even a small toy. If you have a lot of clutter around, then your Roomba may keep getting stuck in those areas.

A lot of things can cause your Roomba to get stuck. You should check if there are any loose items around before you start vacuuming.

Also, make sure that the floor is clean and free of anything that could be a hindrance. Avoid using shaggy rugs and carpeting because it may prevent your Roomba from moving freely.

All of these everyday household items are too big or too low to get around. Some of them could be too large or too low for the robot vacuum to move around. These things need to be fixed before you buy your new robot vacuum cleaner.

2. Roomba Keeps Getting Stuck for Other Reasons

There are other reasons that the Roomba gets stuck, like the location of the dock and a dark room. 

If the homebase dock isn’t placed in a good position, it could cause your Roomba to get stuck. Roombas are designed to clean in optimal conditions. 

Lights should be turned on before using your Roomba too. This helps the cliff sensors and other sensors detect obstacles and other objects.

How to Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck

Now that you’re familiar with the potential reasons why a Roomba can become stuck, it’s time to move on to how to solve and prevent this problem.

1. Clear Out Any Unneeded Clutter

To make sure that the Roomba’s path isn’t obstructed, clean up any mess you might have in your house. Remove anything that could block the Roomba‘s path, including clothing, toys, and other objects.

Also, remove smaller items such as Lego pieces or pins that shouldn’t be vacuumed up. These items can cause harm to the Roomba internal components.

2. Clear Out Any Cables Lying Around

Make sure that all cables are out of the way. Make sure that the power cord is securely attached to the wall outlet and that the cable is connected to the right port.

You should run cables as close to the wall as possible. You should avoid putting them around furniture or objects.

Clearing cables will help prevent the Roomba from getting tangled. Tangling cables can damage the motor and other parts inside the Roomba.

3. Temporarily Move Any Thick Rugs

Move thick rugs temporarily so that the Roomba can easily pass through the area without getting stuck.

Thick carpets and rugs can cause some Roomba vacuums to get jammed in the wheels, brushes, and other parts. Being stuck in the carpet can cause the Roomba permanent damage.

4. Block Off Any Areas With Low or Impassable Items

Some areas of your home may be difficult for your Roomba to navigate. If you have low tables, couches, and other areas that would cause a Roomba to get stuck, you can block off the areas with large items. 

Using large objects like cardboard as barriers is good to prevent the Roomba from going there. It uses sensors to detect obstacles and avoid them. 

5. Install Furniture Risers

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner needs more than 3.6 inches (8.89cm) of clearance under furniture. You need to buy taller furniture if you want to use a Roomba or you can use furniture risers.

Furniture risers are an easy solution to elevating your furniture. You can get them in sets or individually. They can be elegant too. 

6. Find a Good Position for the Roomba Dock

The Roomba’s docking station, also known as the Home Base, is one of the Roomba system’s most important parts.

The Home Base helps the Roomba navigate around the house. The dock itself contains vital instruments for positioning triangulation. Where you place the docking station is very important. You should consider these factors when choosing the right spot for your robot vacuum cleaner.

Place the Homebase in a central location in your house. You need to leave room around the base to allow the robot to move freely.

  • Leave at least 4 feet (12 cm) of space around the docking station.
  • Don’t place the docking station next to stairs or in corners.
  • Also avoid putting it in closets.

Open plan layouts are the most suitable for Roombas as there are less obstacles and walls to disrupt the Roomba’s path and block signals. 

Read more about Moving the Roomba Home Base

7. Turn On the Lights To Improve Roomba Visibility

Most autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners available today use a series of infrared and optic sensors to avoid obstacles. These sensors get obstructed by dust and dirt, and the robot gets stuck under furniture and other objects.

To prevent this problem, you should operate your Roomba in a room with plenty of natural light. If there isn’t enough light, the Roomba may not be able toi sense obstacles. 

Roombas avoid dark areas because they’re afraid of bumping into things. This could be why you’ve had problems with them bumping into your furniture or other items.

8. Update the Software and Firmware

If you haven’t updated the software and firmware on your Roomba in several months, then you might be facing problems with your robot vacuum cleaner.

A bug in the software could cause problems when using the robot vacuum cleaner. Users reported strange cleaning patterns and getting stuck.

You should update the software and firmware regularly so that you don’t encounter any issues with your Roomba.

You can download the latest version of the software and firmware from the iRobot support website.  

9. Dry the Wet Floors First

Dry floors are easier to clean than wet ones. You should dry the floor before vacuuming. It will make the cleaning process faster and easier, as well as prevent Roomba malfunctions. 

The Roomba is still an electronic device and not made for cleaning water. There are robot mops that work better than the Roomba when it comes to cleaning up water spills. But if you do have a lot of water spill, then you should take care of it immediately before the Roomba goes to clean that area. 

10. Resetting the Roomba

If you see that the Roomba keeps getting stuck for some reason, you can factory reset Roomba to fix the issue. Some settings might have gotten corrupted, so a factory reset will put the Roomba back to its original settings to give it a fresh start.

This is done by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds. Once the Roomba turns off, press and hold the power button again until the screen displays “Reset”. Then release the power button.

How To Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck Under Furniture

The Roomba can get stuck under different types of furniture because that piece of furniture isn’t high enough to allow the Roomba go under it. The Roomba needs 3.6 inches of clearance under furniture. 

One way to prevent the Roomba from trying to go under furniture is to put a large piece of cardboard at the opening to block the Roomba. 

Another way is to use furniture risers to prevent your Roomba from getting stuck under the furniture. This will help you to avoid any trouble.

Your next option here would be to buy new furniture and possibly opt for raised ones. It’s not the cheapest option, but it’s still a way to prevent your Roomba from getting stuck. 

How To Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck Under Couch

A great way to prevent the Roomba from getting stuck under the couch is to use the couch cushions to block the couch opening and prevent the Roomba from trying to go under. 

Another way is to use pool noodles to block the couch openings. They are usually the right size to fit into the gap between the couch and the floor. 

A third way is to put the couch on furniture risers. These are designed specifically to raise the height of the couch above the ground. 

Robot Vacuum Getting Stuck Under Couch

How To Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck Under Bed

Bumper extenders are useful to prevent your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner from going under the bed. Rubber bumpers are attached to the front of your robot vacuum cleaner to stop it from going under the bed or table.

Furniture risers can also be used to raise the height of the bed. These risers are usually made of plastic, wood, metal, etc. You do need to make sure that the riser is strong enough to support the weight of your bed. You should also check if the riser is safe to use.

You can also try using pool noodles or pillows to block the opening under your bed.

Robot Vacuum Getting Stuck Under Bed

How To Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck Under Dining Table

If your Roomba keeps getting stuck under the dining table, it might be confused by your chairs and all the legs. The Roomba is having trouble navigating the tight space under the table and between the chair legs. 

A simple solution would be to put the chairs upside down on the table. This will help the Roomba to navigate under the table more easily as it only has to deal with the 4 table legs. 

Robot Vacuum Getting Stuck Under Chair

How to Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck Under Cabinets

To prevent the Roomba robot vacuum from getting stuck under cabinets, you should consider buying cabinet risers or furniture rises. They are designed to raise the height of your cabinets so that the Roomba won’t get stuck under the cabinets. 

Another option would be to use pool noodles, large cardboard pieces, cushions, or other similar objects to block the gaps underneath the cabinets.

Prevent Roomba From Getting Stuck Final Thoughts

There are many ways to prevent the Roomba from getting stuck. Some of these methods may work better than others, depending on what kind of furniture you have and your home layout.

If you’re having problems with your Roomba getting stuck, then follow the steps above to prevent your Roomba from getting stuck in the future. 

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