How to Get an Internet Browser on Roku

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Roku has become one of the most popular streaming devices out there. With Roku, you are able to stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, and other services,

With its internet connection to stream movies and TV shows, why not also browse the web using your Roku remote. Unfortunately, there’s no Roku internet browser app that makes it easy to browse the internet. You will need third-party apps or other workarounds to access websites.

This article will cover how to get an internet browser on Roku to start browsing the web and more. 

Roku and Web Browser Overview

Roku is a pioneer in streaming technology. Connecting to the Internet is easy, and setting up an account is simple. You can stream your favorite shows in no amount of time, but there is no Roku internet browser.

There are two main types of web browsers for TVs that you can choose from on streaming devices. You can either download a native app from the devices, or you can use a third-party app.

Native apps are built right into the streaming device OS, while third-party apps are downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Both types of apps offer similar features, but there are some differences between them.

For example, the native apps allow you to access more content than third-party apps. Also, if you’re looking for a specific feature, such as downloading videos to watch offline, then you’ll need to use a native app. On the other hand, if you’re looking to stream video content, then you should consider using a third-party app because they provide better performance.

You can use the internet on Roku by using a third party app. These TV web browser apps are not built into Roku, but they can be installed to provide you with a web browser. You may not be able to have all the features that you would normally have with a computer web browser.

Roku OS vs Android OS

Roku has its own operating system called Roku OS. Roku OS is a highly modified version of Linux and not Android like many other streaming devices for the TV. 

Roku is an open-source device that runs on Linux. It has a very different operating system than Android. There are many differences between them, but they both use the same basic kernel. You can’t run Android apps on Roku because they’re incompatible.

Roku has their own SDK (software development kit) where developers can create their own apps. The Roku apps also aren’t able to be used on Android devices. 

Another option for browsing the web on Roku is to mirror your phone or laptop to the TV screen. You can use an app called Miracast to connect your phone/tablet to your TV This allows you to mirror your device’s display onto your television.

Roku Advantages

Even though Roku doesn’t have a built-in web browser, there are still many advantages to having a Roku TV device.

The first advantage is that you don’t need to buy any additional hardware. All you need is a Roku Streaming Stick or Roku Ultra device.

If you already have a smartphone or tablet, you can easily mirror it to your TV. If you want to add another device, you just need to purchase a Roku player.

If you have multiple televisions, you can easily control each TV individually. You can set up different accounts for each TV so that you can view different content on each TV.

Always have access to popular music videos on various channels, including Deezer, Vevo, YouTube, Boxplus, and Tunein. You never need to miss out on those channels, because Roku has them for you!

Roku is an excellent streaming device because it offers free content. You can watch videos online without paying any additional money. You have access to YouTube, Sky News, BBC Sports, Red Bull TV, TV Player and others.

You can watch all kinds of movies and TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Video, Rakuten TV, Google Play, NOW TV, Sky, and many others. If you have your own media, you can upload it to Roku and enjoy watching it from anywhere in the world. It supports all kinds of media types. 

Does Roku have its Own Internet Browser?

Roku has not developed their own Internet Browser yet. Streaming devices are not the best option for you if you want to browse the internet. 

There are other companies that have developed their own web browsers for its own streaming device, even then, they’re not as fully-featured as those on computers. 

There are still other browsers made by other companies that are available for Roku.

4 Best Internet Browsers for Roku

There are two main web browsers for the Roku in the channel store – Poprism Web Browser and Web Browser X. 

Another option is Google Chrome via Screencast. Let’s see what each one offers.

1. Web Browser X for Roku

This is the best web browser for your Roku device, but that also doesn’t mean it’s not without some disadvantages. 

Web Browser X is not as sleek or modern as other browsers out there, especially those for TVs. This app is designed for Roku devices. You can use it to watch movies or TV shows on your Roku device.

Some people might think that this app is outdated as it reminds them of the 1990s with its design and font. However, this app serves the basic purpose of browsing the web and streaming movies or TV shows on Roku devices.

There are some annoying issues when you try to use it. It struggles to render webpages that are more complex. If Roku decided to have its own web browser, this would most likely not be a problem.

You can get outlines of sites when visiting them, but there are also some sites that are pre-programmed to have more features like Google News, CNN, and ABC News. 

This is a great browser in how easy it is to navigate around the internet using this device. For example, there are up and down arrows to scroll through text, and left and right buttons to go back or forward. You can’t fill out online forms, but you can still use your computer separately if needed. 

You can get this browser option for $4.99 a month in the United States. In other countries, it might cost less or even nothing. 

2. Poprism Web Browser for Roku

The Poprism web browser is the other option in the Roku channel store. This browser strips out everything but the text. 

There are no images, JavaScript, CSS, GIFs, or anything that “enhances” the browsing experience. The Poprism browser is not good for the majority of websites out there.

If you’re looking to just read though articles, Poprism is a great option. It’s like reading on a computer screen. It’s also good for reading RSS feeds and text forums. 

Another plus is that it’s free. There are no fees. 

3. Google Chrome and Screencast

We need a better browser than the ones Roku offers. Browsers should be used to watch videos and movies, but there is no point in using them if they can’t play those things. Roku needs to release its own browser.

Screen mirroring allows you to stream content on Roku using your Android device. By casting your browser to Roku, you can watch videos on Roku.

You should use your smartphone as an extension of your TV. Cast your mobile browser to your Roku device.

Casting from an android device is very easy. You can simply use the browser on your android device to access the website. There are many ways to do this. For example, you could use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

To get started, first download the app onto your Android device. Then open the app and sign into your account. Next, go to the website you want to cast to. Once there, select the Cast button. Now, you should see a list of devices connected to your account. Select the name of your Roku player, and press OK. Your Roku will now begin streaming content from your phone or tablet.

Open the Android Settings app. Go into Connected Devices and then into Pair New Devices. Wait for your Roku to be paired. Once paired, open the web browser on your phone.

Not every Android device supports screencasting, so check your manufacturer guide for more information on casting or mirroring.

4. How to Cast a Web Browser to Roku via Windows

Casting a web browser to Roku from a Windows device isn’t too difficult at all. 

First step is to make sure your Roku is updated to the latest operating system version. This can be done by going to Settings -> System -> Update -> Check Now. It will now check to see if there are any updates. If there are, install the latest updates. 

On Windows, you can open up the Action Center by clicking on the icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Clicking on ‘Connect Tile’ should bring up the option to scan for devices and connect to Roku. This process usually takes less than 30 seconds.

Once the scan finds the Roku devce, select it and it should be connected automatically. You can now surf the internet!

Overview of Roku and Google Services

Google offers many services from the Google Play store. Google Play Movies & TV has a lot of options for watching movies and television shows, Google Home, Google Photos, and Google Search. 

Before you get into the sections below, be sure to have a Google account set up first. 

Let’s see how you can use these different services on Roku. 

Roku and Google Play Movies and TV

You can now watch movies and shows on your Roku using Google Play Movies and TV. Depending on where you live, you will get different movies and shows. 

As of now, the only countries they support are Canada, Germany, Ireland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. You might be able to get access in other countries with a proxy or VPN. 

To start, go to the Google Play Store on your Roku device and type in ‘Google Play Movies & TV’. You should see an option to download the app. Click on the ‘Download App’ button.

Now, open the app and log into your account. Go to the ‘Play Store’ tab and then click on the ‘Add a new channel’ button. Type in ‘Google Play movies and TV’ and press ‘OK’.

Now, click on the ‘Go to Channel’ button and sign in. Now, you should be able to watch movies and shows from the Google Play store on your Roku device.

To get started, go to and follow the instructions to being pairing your Roku device to your Google account. 

There will be a code on the Roku screen, enter this, and click on ‘Continue’. Review the permissions screen, add in a payment method, and confirm it, then continue to follow instructions on your web browser. Setup a Google PIN, then return to Roku and you’re done!

Connecting Roku to Google Home

If you want to control your Roku device from Google Home, you need to enable the feature. To do this, simply visit and search for ‘enable home’. Once enabled, you can ask Google Assistant questions about what’s playing on Roku. 

To set it up, launch the Google Home app, select the ‘Add’ option, and then ‘Set Up Device’. 

Select ‘Have something already set up?’ and search for your Roku device in the list. Sign into your Roku account, and you should be ready to start using the Google Assistant.

Is there Google Play Music for Roku?

There is no official Google Play Music app for Roku devices. But you can use third-party apps. 

You can use Miracast to connect your Android phone or tablet to your Roku, and then stream music to your TV using Google Play Music. However, if you want to use your iOS devices, like iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to use AirPlay instead.

You need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Roku device to cast content to it.

Click on ‘Multiple displays’, and then connect to a wireless display. Select your Roku device, and you can cast.

Is There Google Chrome for Roku?

No, there is no Google Chrome for Roku devices. If you want to browse the web using Chrome, you will need to access Chrome on your Android or iOS device and cast it to the TV via screen mirror. 

How to Get Google Photos on Roku

Unfortunately, there’s no official Google Photos app on Roku. Luckily, there are third-party apps you can use, like PhotoView

Find PhotoView on the Roku channel store and connect it to your Google Photo. It also has a screen saver feature that uses your photos when the screen saver activates.

Roku and Screen Mirror Overview

Screen mirroring is the only way to connect to other devices and perform actions that are not available natively on Roku. Roku is a closed device and closed operating system, so unless a developer decides to make apps specifically for Roku, you’ll need to mirror screens. 

You’ll be able to perform features like: 

  • Using an Android device as a wireless controller makes them act like a joystick.
  • Access Roku hidden channels to access other content such as sports, news, and more, 
  • Listen to your favorite songs privately using your Roku remote.
  • Adjust playback while watching Netflix, Amazon, and other media apps. 

Streaming vs Casting on Roku Devices

Roku devices allow users to stream content directly to their TVs. Roku does not require hacking to work properly. Casting allows users to control their Roku devices using phones, tablets, laptops, etc. 

Casting requires additional software and hardware, which means that casting is not always possible. In addition, casting may not be supported by all streaming services. For example, Hulu Plus does not support casting, and neither does YouTube.

Streaming is easier because it doesn’t require any extra hardware. Everything is native and works out of the box. Streaming is also faster than casting. The downside is that streaming could cost more in the long term with monthly fees for continued app development.

Roku and Web Browser Final Thoughts

Roku is a great platform for streaming entertainment. It’s easy to set up and use, and it offers many different ways to enjoy content. If you’re looking for a simple solution to get rid of cable, Roku is definitely worth checking out. 

Roku won’t be able to offer you all the internet browsing benefits of a regular computer, but it will still let you watch videos from Netflix, play games, listen to music, and more. 

It’s important to note that Roku is not a full-fledged browser. It cannot open websites directly, nor can it navigate through pages.

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