Roomba Error 99 – Causes and Fixes

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Has your Roomba i3, i3+, i4, or other i series robot vacuum been giving you the “Roomba i Series Error 99” message? 

This article will cover what models can be affected by error 99, the causes for the error, and how to fix error 99. 

Roomba error 99 is a common error message. It will stop the Roomba from cleaning and cancel the current cleaning job it’s on.  

Models Affected By Roomba Error 99

The Roomba i Series Error 99 can display on these Roomba modesl: 

  • Roomba i3 EVO and i3+ EVO
  • Roomba i4 EVO and i4+ EVO
  • Roomba i6 and i6+
  • Roomba i7 and i7+
  • Roomba i8 and i8+

Roomba Error 99 Causes

When your Roomba vacuum isn’t able to complete the cleaning job or mapping job due to an issue. The Roomba will automatically cancel the cleaning job.

The most common reasons the cleaning wasn’t able to complete and was cancelled include: 

  1. The Roomba sensors are dirty, so it’s unable to navigate as it cleans or maps. It leads to confusion and the Roomba will stop and cancel the job. 
  2. The Roomba was picked up and moved somewhere, so it’s confused about where it is. That leads to Roomba cancelling the job. 
  3. There are too much clutter and obstacles in the ground, so the Roomba is unable to navigate its way through your home to clean. That causes Roomba to stop and cancel its current job. 
  4. The Roomba is unable to find the dock station, so it will stop and give the error 99 message. 

You’ll see the job as ‘cncl’ in the mission report to signify the job was cancelled.

Roomba wasn’t able to complete the mapping or cleaning job, so the job was cancelled (shows ‘cncl’ in the mission report).

Roomba Error 99 Fixes

To fix and avoid navigation and mapping issues in the future, try the following:

  1. Use a clean cloth or cotton swab to clean the navigation sensors on the bottom of the Roomba. If the deep sensor is dirty, the Roomba”s navigation system will be unable to map and navigate the floor to correctly clean.
  2. When the Roomba is moving around and cleaning, don’t pick it up. This will cause the Roomba to be confused about where it is. If you do move it in the middle of a job, put it back where it was or put it on the home base to reset. 
  3. Clear the floors of excessive clutter, wires, and obstacles before the Roomba starts to clean. Alternatively, you can only let the Roomba clean areas that have no clutter. You can use Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers or Keep Out Zones to prevent the Roomba from going into the cluttered areas. 
  4. Move the home base dock to a centralized location of your home. Put the Roomba on the dock and allow the Roomba to remap the home’s floor plant. 

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