Roomba Error Codes: Complete List and Fixes

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There are a number of places where Roomba issues could come from. Moving parts include the wheels, roller brushes, side brush, batteries, dustbin, and more. 

Roombas are incredibly useful household appliances. They clean your floors automatically without having to lift a finger. However, they also require maintenance, and the Roomba may get stuck in places. If they run into trouble, they’ll tell you what’s going wrong through beeps and indicator lights.

If you’re wondering why your Roomba keeps beeping, check the errors below that could be leading to all the beeping.

This is an easy troubleshooting guide for your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. You’ll learn everything about the error codes, how they affect your robot, and various solutions to fixing the Roomba error codes.

Let’s first take a look at errors in operating the Roomba and its different parts. 

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Operational Errors and Solutions

Roomba Error 1: Ground is Uneven

Error code 1 is usually a result of the Roomba not being on a flat surface and is on uneven grounds. 

Whenever the Roomba’s left wheel is higher than the other, suspended in the air above the ground, you will get error message 1. 

Fixing the error is simple. Pick up the Roomba and place it on a flat surface. Then press the Clean button to start the Roomba back up. 

Roomba Error 2: Brushes Not Working

Roomba’s dual multi-surface rubber brushes will adjust its height automatically as it cleans different surfaces. That allows for the brushes to always be in contact with the surface.

But if the brush isn’t able to come in contact with the surface, you’ll get Error 2. That means something object or debris is stopping the brush from spinning and cleaning. 

It could be that the Roomba keeps saying Clean brushes. Check the brushes for pet hair or other debris that stops the brushes from spinning and working correctly. 

If you see debris and hair, remove the brushes and clean them more easily.

Roomba Error 5: Wheels Not Working

Each Roomba has two wheels on the bottom. If the wheels stop working, the Roomba won’t be able to move around and clean. 

If the right wheel ever stops working, then Error 5 will show. Your Roomba could also keep saying to Clean Brushes.

Fixing Roomba error 5 is simple. The reason the wheel stopped spinning could be because of pet hair or some other debris particles that are affecting the way it works. Clean the Roomba wheels and free any dirt, debris, hair, etc. 

Roomba Error 6: Cliff Sensor Error

Cliff sensors help the Roomba avoid obstacles while moving around your home, especially with drop-offs like staircases. But sometimes, the sensor can become faulty and cause the Roomba to get stuck. 

Reasons the cliff sensor is not working correctly could be due to sensors being dirty or something blocking the sensor views. Even a dark surface could confuse some of the older Roomba models.

To solve Error 6, use a dry and soft cloth to wipe the cliff sensors to clear its view. Place the Roomba in a new area and allow it to start cleaning. A dry cloth is important as a wet one could still lead to potential issue by spreading water. 

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Roomba Error 7: Wheel Blockage

Error 7 is an error that’s also notifying issues with the side wheels from spinning. The wheel jam could be due to a blockage from debris clogging it. 

Fix error 7 by checking the drive wheel assembly to ensure there is no hair or other debris clogging it up. You can also use compressed air to try and unclog debris that’s further inside the Roomba body. 

Roomba Error 8: Broken Motor and Filter

When you get Error 8 from the Roomba, that means there’s an issue with the motor and filter.

A broken motor will lead to the Roomba not being able to suck in the dust, debris, and dirt. A broken filter would result in dust particles and other things not being filtered into its dustbin.

To try and solve the Error 8, check the filter first. Try removing and checking the filter first. Clean the Roomba filter of dirt. If it was an issue with the filter, then the Roomba should start working again. 

If it’s an issue with the motor, contact iRobot support for assistance. 

Roomba Error 9: Bumper is Dirty or Jammed

Error 9 is usually due to the Roomba bumpers being dirty or jammed in a tight space. 

If the Roomba got caught under a piece of furniture or the bumper is caught on something, you’ll get an error. You can fix it by freeing the Roomba from wherever it’s stuck. 

If the Roomba isn’t stuck anywhere, Error 9 means the bumper sensors are dirty or there’s dirt that’s caught between the bumpers and the Roomba unit. To get the dirt out, press the bumper a few times to loosen the dirt from the space. 

Roomba Error 10: Wheels are Stuck

Roomba Error 10 shows up when the wheels are stuck and the Roomba can’t move around. 

This is usually because of debris getting stuck in the wheels. To fix this problem, flip the Roomba over, and remove all the debris from the wheels. This includes hairs, dust, and anything else that may be caught in the wheels. 

Roomba Error 11: Motor Needs to be Fixed

Error 11 shows up when the motor stops working. The motor is what creates the suction power that sucks up the dirt and debris off the floor. 

Motors will usually need to be replaced in this case, so it’s best to contact iRobot customer support for a new Roomba motor. Hopefully you are still within the warranty period. 

Roomba Error 14: Can’t Detect Dustbin

Error message 14 will show when the Roomba is unable to detect the dustbin. If you recently emptied the Roomba dustbin, it could be the bin wasn’t replaced correctly. 

Double-check that the bin was properly put back. It’s also a good idea to check the filter was replaced correctly if you had cleaned it too. 

Roomba Error 15: Communication Issues

Roomba Error 15 lets you know that there are internal communication errors due to internal circuitry issues. It can happen from time to time. 

You can usually fix the communication issue by rebooting the Roomba or restarting a new cleaning session by pressing the Clean button. 

Roomba Error 16: Unbalanced Bumper

Error 16 is when the Roomba’s bumper is tilted to one side and not touching the floor. 

The Roomba will tilt when it gets bumped or hit while moving. The bumper sensor will sense the imbalance. When the Roomba tilts, the brush won’t pick up as much dirt.

To fix it, place the Roomba on a level surface and press the Clean button to start the Roomba. If the Roomba isn’t running, try a Roomba reboot. 

Roomba Error 17: Navigation System Problem

Error 17 is when the Roomba navigation system has a problem. The navigation system uses floor tracking sensor technology to help guide the Roomba through your home.

When there’s an issue with the sensor, the Roomba will stop cleaning and give you the error.  

To fix the issue, clean the tracking sensors with a soft cloth to make sure there are no issues with the Roomba reading the floor. Make sure there’s sufficient light and the floors are not too dark. 

Roomba Error 18: Roomba Docking Problems

Error 18 occurs when the Roomba doesn’t dock with the docking station after cleaning. There could be a few different issues for this, but easy solutions to try. 

  • Ensure the Home Base is still plugged in, so the Roomba can communicate with the dock to know how to return to recharge. 
  • Make sure there are no obstacles around the charging station that’s preventing the Roomba from docking. 
  • Clean the charging ports on the Home Base and the Roomba. This is one of the more common charging issues. 

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Roomba Error 26: Lack of Airflow

Error 26 shows when the Roomba has a lack of airflow that’s usually caused by issues with the motor or filter. This is usually on the Roomba i Series models. 

To remedy the error, you’ll need to remove and check the Cleaning Head Module for dirt and debris. Then rotate the Roomba motor for 3 full rotations clockwise and counterclockwise to release any debris. 

Next step is to clean the filter of any dust and debris to allow for proper airflow. 

Reinstall the filter and Cleaning Head Module. You should be good to go now. 

Roomba Error 31: Internal Communication Error

Roomba Error 31 usually appears on the Roomba s9 model due to an internal communication error. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t any real solutions to this. Factory resets and reboots of the Roomba can fix the error temporarily, but Error 31 will most likely show up again. 

It’s best to contact iRobot customer support and give them your Roomba’s serial number. They will be able to look up the error logs on your specific Roomba. Most likely they will send you a replacement Roomba. 

You will also need to provide iRobot with proof of purchase, so don’t lose your receipt to show you purchased the Roomba. 

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Roomba Error 34: Internal Communication Error

Roomba Error 34 will show “Please see the app for help” because there’s an internal communication error that it’s experiencing.

Roomba Error 34 will show on the Roomba i and s Series.

The Roomba will most likely have stopped its cleaning. It’s easy to fix error 34, follow these steps:

  • Press CLEAN to restart the cleaning job.
  • If that doesn’t work and the error 34 message persists, you will need to reset the Roomba to get it connected again.

Roomba Error 99: Navigation and Mapping Error

The Roomba Error 99 will show when the robot vacuum is having trouble orienting and navigating itself around the home based on landmarks, like furniture or walls.

This error is most prevalent on the Roomba i3 and i3 models, but can be seen on other i series models like the Roomba i4.

Roomba wasn’t able to complete the mapping or cleaning job, so the job was cancelled (shows ‘cncl’ in the mission report).

To fix the issues and avoid issues in the future, try the following:

  • Clean the deep sensor on the bottom of the Roomba with a cotton swab or clean cloth. If the sensor is dirty, the navigation system is unable to correctly perform for mapping and cleaning.
  • Be sure not to pick up and move the Roomba when it’s in the middle of a job.
  • If you happen to move the robot in the middle of a mission, either put it back in the same place it was paused or put it back on the dock station.
  • Excessive clutter and obstacles on the floor could lead to error 99. Clear the cluttered areas or use Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers to block off problem areas.
  • Move the dock to a new location that’s more open or in a centralized location for easier access.

Roomba Error C510: Vacuum Motor and Bin Error

The C510 error in the Roomba J series is related to its vacuum motor operation. Specifically, this error indicates a potential problem with the vacuum bin of the Roomba J series robot vacuums.

If the sensor does not detect a proper connection, the error C510 will be displayed on the robot’s screen with a message stating, “Please check that the vacuum bin is installed correctly”.

This error can mean that the vacuum bin is not securely attached to the robot or there could be an issue with the sensor itself or the connection to the base station.

To fix the issues, try the following:

  • Remove the dust bin by pressing the bin release button on the back of the robot vacuum.
  • Check for debris or damage on the bin, sensor, and connection ports.
  • Use a soft cloth to gently wipe and clean any dust or dirt you find.
  • Examine the bin for any cracks or dents that affect its fit or function.
  • Reinstall the vacuum bin by sliding the bin back into the slot until you hear a click, letting you know it’s securely attached.
  • You can check to see that it’s securely in place by trying to wiggle the bin and confirming it’s not loose.
  • Put the Roomba back on the base station.
  • Restart the Roomba by pressing the restart on the top and you should see the green lights with “Ready to clean”.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact Roomba customer support because it could be a parts issue and you may need to replace it.

11 Beeps With No Voice Message

When you hear 11 beeps from the Roomba, it’s letting you know that it’s having trouble with detecting obstacles and is stuck somewhere. 

To fix this, put the Roomba in an open area and tap its bumper to make sure it’s still working. It could’ve just been confused and unable to recognize the obstacles where it was. 

If you find the Roomba doing a Circle Dance, going in circles, it could be that one of the wheels has debris affecting its spinning. Clean the wheel to get it working correctly again. 

4 Beeps / Roomba Says “Please Charge the Roomba.”

This means that the Roomba is low on battery power and doesn’t have enough energy to return back to its charging station. 

To recharge, simply pick up the Roomba and take it back to the dock to recharge.

Roomba Says “Please Inspect and Clean Roomba’s Cliff Sensors”

Roomba will send the “Please inspect and clean Roomba’s cliff sensors” message if there’s an issue with the cliff sensors.

The issue is usually some dirt or debris on the sensor that causes issues when it tries to detect stairs and drop-offs. 

To fix the error, simply clean the sensors off. 

Roomba Says “Please Inspect and Clean Roomba’s Wheels”

When Roomba gives this common error, it’s letting you know to check the Roomba wheels and clear it of any clogged pet hair and dirt. 

Cleaning the wheels will fix this error. 

Roomba Says “Please Remove and Clean Roomba’s Brushes”

You will hear the “Please remove and clean Roomba’s brushes” message when the spinning brush rollers is not operaturing correctly. It could be due to some hair and debris that’s on the yellow brush caps and/or metal brush cap shaft. 

To solve the issue, you need to clean the brushes, brush cage and brush casing. With the Roomba flipped upside down, lift the yellow tabs on each side of the brush roller to unlock the brush compartment. 

Remove any pet hair and debris that you see. Then reinstall the brush rollers and you’re done. 

Roomba Returns to Home Base Too Early

If there are internal communication issues, the Roomba may think that it’s on low battery power even though the battery is full. 

This type of error is easy to fix though. Rebooting the Roomba should fix the issue. If it doesn’t, contact iRobot’s customer care department. 

Charging Errors and Solutions

There are many reasons why your Roomba might stop charging. Let’s take a look at the different charging error codes that Roomba will give you, what they mean, and how to fix the errors. 

Charging Error 1: Battery Disconnected

Charging Error 1 is due to the Roomba not detecting that the lithium-ion battery is connected. Your Roomba will not be able to charge because the battery cable is disconnected. 

Open up your battery cover and make sure that the cable is connected securely. Make sure no wires are disconnected. 

Charging Error 2: Battery Unable to Charge

You will see this Charging Error 2 when the Roomba battery isn’t charging. If the battery looks good and no wires are disconnected, then it could be a battery issue. 

Fixing a battery issue can be either easy or complicated. The easy solution is to try a different battery. You can find Roomba replacement batteries online. 

The more complicated solution will involve getting an expert and/or contacting iRobot support to fix it. It could be an issue with the wiring or electronics boards that need to be fixed.

Charging Error 3: Charging Issue

It’s unclear what this exact error is except that there’s a charging issue. If you can confirm that it’s not a battery, wiring, or charging ports issue, then it’s best to contact iRobot customer care. 

Charging Error 5: Charging Contacts

Charging Error 5 is usually caused by charging contact issues. Wipe down the charging points on the Roomba and the Home Base. Then try to see if the Roomba will start charging again. 

Charging Error 6: Battery is Too Warm

This error is letting you know that the Roomba won’t charge because the battery is too warm. 

When storing the Roomba Home Base, it’s important to keep the dock and Roomba away from radiators and heating vents when charging.

Batteries will heat up itself as it charges normally, so you don’t want to keep it near any heating sources. It’s fine to charge at room temperature.

Charging Error 7: Battery Too Cold

Charging Error 7 is highlighting that the battery is too cold and not charging properly or at all. 

Be sure to keep the Home Base away from cold air sources like air conditioning vents. Charge it at room temperature.

Charging Error 8: Communication Error

This charging error message is when the Roomba is unable to communicate with the lithium-ion battery. That results in the battery not charging correctly. 

One reason there’s no communication is not using authentic iRobot replacement batteries. Third-party batteries could potentially lead to issues. 

Charging Error 9: General Battery Error

Charging Error 9 will show up to notify you that there’s a battery and charging issue that’s more serious. It’s best at this point to contact iRobot customer care to get the next steps. 

Rooma Errors Final Thoughts

All in all, these errors aren’t common, but they do happen occasionally. They’re mostly minor problems that can easily be solved. Make sure to check out our error code guide for troubleshooting tips. 

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