Best Smart Locks For Sliding Glass Doors and Patios

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Looking for a smart lock that’ll automatically open your sliding glass door? Read on below. 

Smart locks are mostly targeted for use on the front door. But as you know, homes often have multiple entry doors that need a locking system for additional security. 

Back doors can often be neglected by homeowners, but thieves sure won’t neglect them, especially the sliding doors that have weak locking systems

Let’s take a look at the closest ones to be called the best smart locks for sliding glass doors and patio doors. If you’re in a hurry, here’s the short list:  

Unfortunately, there isn’t a smart lock for sliding doors that has wireless connectivity like WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, or Zigbee. But there’s still one way to use an Alexa with the AutoSlide.

Read on for more details on these locks. 

I also added a guide and more information below to help you in choosing the best lock for you amongst the many smart door locks out there. 

Best Smart Locks for Sliding Glass Doors 

1. AutoSlide Smart Tag Pet Door System

Ever try opening your sliding glass door to your patio while carrying a full tray of food and drinks? Is your dog constantly asking you to slide open the door to let them out for a walk

The AutoSlide Smart Tag Pet Door System is what you need because your sliding door will automatically open as you or your pet gets near the door. This is also the only lock that’s compatible with voice commands.

Once you install the AutoSlide automatic door system (you can do it DIY), it turns your sliding glass patio door into an automatic door via an electronic controller and a built-in motor device.

A Smart Tag with RFID can be hooked on your pet’s collar for the door look to recognize when your pet is near the door. The door opening is also customizable to accommodate your pet’s size.

You can set three different ranges for the receiver to detect how far your pet is before activating the opening mechanism: 3 feet, 6 feet, and 10 feet. 

It’ll never be easier for you and your pets to go in and out of the house. You don’t need to constantly get up and down to open the door.

It also pairs seamlessly to your smart home system (eg. Samsung SmartThings) so you can operate it through Alexa voice commands as well for a hands-free experience. 

To do that, you’ll need an Alexa compatible momentary switch first. That connects to one of the dry-contact ports that allow integration with activation devices or home automation platforms. 

You’ll then need to program a scene in a Skill through Alexa to trigger the opening and closing of the door. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to say this voice command: “Alexa, activate patio door.” 

Automatic Patio Doors Controlled Using Alexa

2. Lockey 2500SCKA Surface Mount Hook Bolt

The Lockey 2500SCKA Surface Mount Hook Bolt lock features a keyless hook latch lock, and uses a Schlage keyway for manual key override. 

This is an easy-to-install lock that works well on many sliding glass doors. It’ll replace any existing lock hardware you might have already. 

You can input a 4-digit pre-programmed access code to gain entry into your home through the door. If you want to change the code, do it before you install the lock. 

If you need to change the combination later, you would have to unscrew the entire lock, remove the internal plate and switch up the button barrels on the lock itself. It can be a pain if you need to change it often. 

The lock mechanism comes stock from the factory as a right handed lock, so check whether your sliding glass door is right or left handed. 

Changing the right/left-hand of the lock requires you to open up the lock, change a pin and reassemble it again. There’s an instruction manual to help with that. 

It’s not the best looking keypad lock, but it does the trick and locks the sliding door securely.

With all that said, this lock is affordable and works great overall considering its little inconveniences. If it keeps the sliding door secure, then I’m not complaining.

3. CAL Lock Smart Bolt Lock Sliding Door Latch

Unfortunately, smart door locks for sliding glass doors are limited, so I’m adding a bonus 4th option, but it’s a non-smart locking mechanism option. 

The Cal has a double bolt lock that provides 1000+ lbs of Forced Entry Load Tension to prevent criminals from being able to take the sliding door off. 

CAL Double Bolt Lock Installation

 4. PadioLOK Sliding Glass Door Lock

Update: The Padiolok never got successfully funded on Kickstarter, but it had a great idea. 

So this isn’t really out on the market yet, but it’s worth some consideration. PadioLOK’s sliding door lock is still in the pre-registration phase on Kickstarter. 

From the looks of it on their website, it’s probably going to be a great product that is built from the ground up just for sliding glass doors.

Full keyless entry, better tamper resistance and the development of wireless integration to your other home security systems sounds like everything you would want out of a lock. 

What is a Sliding Glass Door?

A sliding glass door has obvious differences compared to the other regular doors in your home. There’s the fact that it’s often made of glass, which is less secure than a solid wooden door. 

The locking mechanism is also usually a latch system that can be easily breached by an experienced thief or burglar. 

With all its security disadvantages however, a sliding glass door is a really nice way to bring natural light inside the home.

The glass provides clear views of the back garden on a nice sunny day or a rainy one, all while sitting indoors in the comfort of your home. 

That’s probably a big reason why they’re so popular with homeowners – but how do you keep it secure?

Smart Lock Compatibility with Sliding Glass Doors

The not-so-great news is that with the choices available today, there aren’t really that many companies who specialize in a truly smart lock built for securing sliding glass doors. 

Although there have been a few companies that have tried to innovate smart lock products for this purpose, like Padiolok.

It’s safe to say that the market is still in its developing stages and a great opportunity for you entrepreneurs out there. 

How to Choose a Lock for Your Sliding Door

If you plan on installing a lock on your sliding door, consider these 3 things first before you start looking for one.

How to Secure a Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding patio doors are commonly made out of glass – and this fact alone reduces its level of security. They are also notorious for being an easy point of entry for potential burglars. 

They can potentially enter your home with little effort because the standard locks on cheap slide doors aren’t the most secure.

You can add a sliding door brace and/or slide locking bars to help give you peace of mind with added security. 

Smart Home System Compatibility

Smart home owners want their smart devices to work in tandem with each other in order to integrate all the smart devices together. 

You can connect smart thermostats, smart video doorbell, security cameras, etc. can all talk to each other via a smart home hub like the SmartThings hub.

You won’t be able to find a smart lock for your sliding doors now, but keep it in mind if you’re looking for locks for your front door or other doors, like a smart lock for bedroom doors.

Final Thoughts

As of now, it’s probably safe to say that popular smart locks like the Yale Assure and August locks are largely still the domain of the front door. 

Most locks that’re built for the sliding door don’t have the same smart features and remote access capabilities as their regular counterparts.

With continual advancements in lock technologies, I’m confident the development of a great smart lock for sliding glass doors is right around the corner.

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