iRobot Roomba 614 Vs 980

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With today’s hectic lifestyle, finding ways to use technology to help save time is important. Keeping your floors clean can be time-consuming and iRobot’s line of Roomba automated vacuum cleaners are designed to take care of this job for you. Comparing the Roomba 614 vs 980 will allow you to make an educated decision as to which product will fit your lifestyle as well as your needs.

The Roomba 614 And 980 At-A-Glance

Head-To-Head Comparrison

Body and Build

The all-black body of the Roomba 614 measures approximately 16.5-inches, which produces a footprint that is just over two inches larger than the Roomba 980. This larger footprint is also taller by just over an inch. What that means for you as a potential buyer is that the Roomba 980 is more compact all around.


A smaller size will allow the 980 unit to move into smaller spaces between furniture, and the shorter frame will provide access under low sitting furniture that the 614 can not reach.


A large vent is placed on the lower edge of the 600 series product that promotes decent airflow. You will notice an improved airflow from multiple air vents on the 980, however. An absorbing bumper is placed around both models and should supply plenty of protection for each vacuum.

On Body Controls

The 614 and 980 make use of iRobot’s large power button located at the center of the top surface. A spot and dock button are placed around the power button on the 600 series while the 900 series model has separate locations for these.

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There is a digital readout added to the top of the 980 product that is not found on its cousin.

You will notice that the Roomba 614 lacks further controls as it is a more simple design. The Roomba 980 lacks extra onboard controls due to the fact that it can be controlled remotely.

Remote Capabilities

The 614 lacks a remote control option as it is one of the first generation models from iRobot. This allows the Roomba 980 to shine in this regard because it takes advantage of updated technology.


The 900 Series model can be controlled remotely through two methods. This model can receive input from an easy to install phone app that provides you with both control and scheduling. It can also accept input from voice-activated devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


You will notice more control options with the app, as the voice-activated procedure allows you to dock, start, or stop only.

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Battery Power

Each model makes use of a lithium-ion battery pack. With that being said, the Roomba 980 does use a larger battery that incorporates the most recent technology.

This will allow it to charge more quickly than the smaller unit found on the Roomba 614. A major difference here will be the run time, which can reach twice the amount of running time under optimal conditions.


Both models do feature an auto-docking feature that will send the robotic vacuum back to the charging station before the battery runs out of juice. This feature frees you from having to babysit the Roombas as they take care of themselves.

Cleaning Ability

Both models use several sensors to navigate across the floor and can make multiple passes in specific areas for extra cleaning. It should be noted that the 980 does take advantage of newer technologies that may allow it to adjust more readily between various surfaces.


The Roomba 980 does stand out in its ability to produce greater cleaning power, however. It uses the same AeroForce three-stage cleaning technology but is capable of generating up to 10-times the airpower.

Roomba 614 Pros and Cons


  • The 614 model comes at a lower price point than the Roomba 980
  • The basic design makes this unit very easy to use straight out of the box
  • It has been packaged to provide quick assistance with a minimum amount of programming


  • It has a larger body in both width and height, providing less access to the floors near furniture
  • The product can only be controlled from the shell and lacks WiFi capabilities

Roomba 980 Pros and Cons


  • The 980 can be controlled remotely by an app or through the use of voice-activated systems
  • It has a smaller body that can reach around and under furniture that the 614 can not
  • The 980 will provide you up to 10-times the suction power that the earlier 614 will


  • The 980 comes with a larger price tag when compared to the more simplistic design of the 614
  • The extra features found on this model may be a bit harder to learn

Which One Will Help You The Most?

While both models will take care of your floors on their own, the Roomba 980 cuts through the debris more efficiently. From the start, you will be able to access areas on your floors with this unit that cannot be reached with the 614.


You will pay more for this product, but the extra features are worth it.

Simply put, the Roomba 980 is far stronger when it comes to picking up dirt and other debris, such as pet hair. It also provides you with multiple forms of the remote controls as well as twice the battery life.

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