iRobot Roomba 614 Vs 630

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There are dozens of Roomba models on the market. These robot vacuums each come with different features and a large range of prices. In the Roomba 600 series, two of the most popular choices are the 614 and the 630.

Each is a low-priced robot vacuum that works well in cleaning the home. We’ve broken down the biggest differences and best features so you can decide which is right for you.

Quick Comparison: Roomba 614 Vs 630

ProductModel AgeDiscontinuedBattery Type
#1. Roomba 614
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NewerNoLithium ion
#2. Roomba 630

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#1. Roomba 614

This is the no-frills model from iRobot. It has the basic features you want from a robot vacuum, but it lacks many of the extra specs. This helps to keep the price range down, making it ideal if you have a limited budget and don’t have a lot of space to clean.


The vacuum uses AeroVac technology to clean more efficiently. There’s a three-stage cleaning system. First, the vacuum loosens caked-on dirt. Then it lifts and suctions the dirt away. This process works great on pet hair, dirt, and debris on both hard floors and low-pile carpeting.

The rotating side brush helps loosen and maneuver dirt into the cleaning path of the vacuum. Then, the two rotating brushes in the center of the vacuum use opposite spinning technology to move the dirt upward and into the vacuum.


The filtration system is an AeroVac filter. While it isn’t HEPA rated, meaning it isn’t the best filter on the market, it does function well in keeping dirt from moving back into the rooms.

The Roomba has dirt detection sensors. These sense when the vacuum is passing over a place that’s dirty. The vacuum automatically uses more power and time loosening dirt from high-trafficked areas.


The Roomba 614 is designed with a lithium-ion battery. Most other models in this price range include a nickel-metal hydride battery, which won’t last as long as a lithium-ion battery. When compared to other similarly-priced models, the battery of this Roomba should last longer.


One potential drawback is that the Roomba doesn’t have programmable scheduling, so you can’t set it to clean while you’re out and about. Another drawback is that there aren’t any virtual wall options, so you can’t virtually restrict the places the Roomba has access to.

#2. Roomba 630

The Roomba 630 is one of the older Roomba models on the market. It has almost exactly the same design as the Roomba 614. However, it’s a more affordable option because it uses a NiMh battery instead of a lithium battery. If you’re on a thin budget right now, the 630 might be a better choice for you than the 614.


The different battery doesn’t affect the vacuum’s performance at all, but it will need to replaced sooner than a lithium battery. In the short term, this vacuum is the cheaper option, but in the long term, the lithium battery is probably a better investment.


This particular model has been discontinued by iRobot. However, there are a number of used models that you can still find on the market.

iRobot Roomba 630 - Performance Test - Robot Vacuum on a Budget

Factors to Consider

When deciding between the Roomba 630 and the Roomba 614, the biggest deciding factor is whether you want to prioritize price or longevity.


The battery of the 614 will last longer without needing a replacement, which means it will cost less over time. But you will need to pay more for the initial purchase than if you buy a used Roomba 630.

There are a few other factors to keep in mind when you decide whether the Roomba 614 is a better choice than another Roomba.


This vacuum model is entry-level. It uses patented Roomba technology to deep clean your entire house, but it lacks features that you might want for your home.

One consideration is how large and complex your home is. More advanced Roomba models are capable of mapping rooms and entire floors. This allows them to calculate an efficient cleaning path.


With this Roomba, though, it merely moves around at random and cleans when it detects dirt. This makes it much more likely to miss spots in complex floor plans or large areas.

Another consideration is the types of floors you’re cleaning. Every Roomba model is capable of cleaning hard floors, cleaning the corners and edges of rooms, and cleaning low-pile carpeting.


You might also want to consider whether you want to be able to schedule cleanings or program remote cleanings. With these Roombas, you have to be home to program the cleanings, rather than scheduling them for convenient times.

Final Thoughts

The Roomba 614 and the Roomba 630 are almost the same model of vacuum. The Roomba 630 is an older model that uses a NiMh battery rather than a lithium ion one. New models aren’t currently available from iRobot, but used models can be purchased from a variety of sellers.

The Roomba 614’s battery will last longer than the 630’s. In the long term, it’s a more economical investment than the Roomba 630. However, if you need to get a robot vacuum at the cheapest price point possible, a used Roomba 630 will give you the same performance as a 614 but at a lower cost.

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