iRobot Roomba 614 Vs 805

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Are you on the fence when it comes to selecting which model of iRobot’s Roomba to buy? If you don’t know the differences between the 614 and the 805, you will now. This guide helps you determine which Roomba offers you the most bang for the buck. That way, you feel good about your purchase and notice the benefits provided to you by your new robotic vacuum cleaner.

Among the most sought after vacuums on the market is iRobot’s Roomba. The automatic cleaning machine seems like something out of the distant future, but it’s not. It’s a widely popular robotic vacuum and the subject of some adorable videos involving people’s pets.

So, how do you know which model offers the best features for your home and lifestyle? Is there a real difference between the 614 and the 805? By the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll be able to name the main things that set the two Roomba models apart.

Quick Comparison: Roomba 614 vs 805

ProductFilter TypeSchedulingRemoteVoice Control
#1. ROOMBA 805
Our Best Pick
Check Price
None Yes No Yes
#2. ROOMBA 614
Check Price
AeroVac No No No

Let’s get started by learning more about the Roomba 614.

#1. Roomba 614

If you’re a no-frills type of person who thinks newer models are seldom as superior as their originals, you’ll love everything about the Roomba 614. When it comes to cleaning, it does the job well.


Best of all, you’re not forced to push a handled vacuum around over the same section of carpeting repeatedly. The robotic machine does all the manual labor for you. It solves a need for you by making fast working on cleaning the dirtiest carpeting and rugs in the home.



To better understand the capabilities of the model, it’s vital to learn more about its features. Below are details about its AeroVac Technology, AeroVac Filter, and iAdapt Technology.

AeroVac Technology

Despite being the less feature-heavy model, the Roomba 614 has a lot to be desired. For example, it’s known for its AeroVac Technology which consists of a three-step cleaning process for a deeper, more satisfying level of clean.


The first step involves a wall-to-wall cleaning process initiated by the side-rotating brush. It gets into the hard to reach places that require the hand attachment on standard upright vacuum cleaners. The next step is to loosen matted hair and to lift dust and dirt from carpeting and rugs.


The rotating brushes found in the middle of the machine go in opposite directions in an attempt to remove the most grime as quickly as possible. They work simultaneously to create the perfect sweeping action.

AeroVac Filter

The AeroVac filter prevents debris from being put back onto the floor after a thorough cleaning using the Roomba 614. As with any other filter on a vacuum, it must be cleaned regularly to remain useful.

iAdapt Technology

The unique technology involves sensors that detect dirt. It’s what gives the 614 direction. If you notice that the machine goes over an area more than once, it’s trying to remove dirt and debris concentrated in that piece of carpeting or rug.

#2. Roomba 805

If you’re looking for a more feature-heavy version of the Roomba, the 805 delivers. It has similar technology as the 614 but offers better cleaning power. You can schedule up to seven days of cleaning at a time or press the button reading ‘Clean’ to initiate a cleaning cycle.


Like the 614, the machine has patented technology that makes cleaning the dirtiest carpets and rugs fast and easy. It also has the AeroVac Technology and AeroVac Filter mentioned before.


The Roomba 805 has tangle-free brushes, too, just like the 614 which keep the machine operating even after its sucked up a lot of hair or threads from carpeting.

Automatic Docking and Charging

Keeping the Roomba going long-term doesn’t require any extra effort. It has automatic docking and charging, making it quick and easy to recharge the battery to full strength.


Even the toughest cleaning job won’t drain the Lithium-Ion battery that delivers up to three times the lifetime of other types of batteries.

Automatically Adjusts to Floor Type

The machine is very intuitive. Its sensors detect the type of surface that it is on. That way, its brushes can adapt to the changes in flooring without you giving it directions.


Automatic Cleaning Scheduler

Among the most notable features about the 805 is its scheduling capabilities. With the press of a button, it takes care of the job for you. Its Virtual Wall Barriers provide you with greater control over where the machine cleans during any given session.

iRobot Roomba 805 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Unboxing in 4K

Pros and Cons

Roomba 614 Pros

  • Less Expensive Yet Very Effective
  • Filter Designed to Hold Dirt, Dander, and Debris
  • Goes Over Dirtiest Areas Multiple Times to Remove Grime

Roomba 614 Cons

  • Filter Must Be Cleaned Regularly
  • Automated Scheduling Does Not Exist
  • Shell May Come Loose and Cannot Be Tightened by You

Roomba 805 Pros

  • More Feature-Heavy Than Other Models
  • Automatic ‘Clean’ Button on Machine
  • Virtual Wall Technology to Keep Robotic Vacuum on Track

Roomba 805 Cons

  • No Wi-Fi Control
  • Only Provides 200 Minutes of Cleaning in a Single Charge
  • Higher Priced but Doesn’t Offer the Same Features as Some Older Models

The Clear Winner

In terms of bringing the most bang for its buck, the Roomba 805 is well worth the extra expense. It makes cleaning a variety of surfaces fast, easy, and automatic. If you’re short on time and have money to spare, you’ll find its features appealing.


It takes you far less effort to use the 805 as well as maintain it. The sleek design and ‘Clean’ button provide greater flexibility. It also has a battery that lasts longer than average robotic-style vacuum cleaners.

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