5 Best Roombas for Carpet: Expert Reviews

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Do you dream of effortlessly maintained carpeted floors and a home that beams with cleanliness? Robotic vacuums, especially Roombas, are here to turn that dream into reality. I’ve dedicated hours to scrutinize the finest Roombas on the market, assessing their capabilities on carpets just for you.

Though they may look alike, each model stands out with its special features. Some excel in gliding around furniture, others impress with robust suction or extended battery life.

Are you pondering which robotic vacuum for carpets to choose? It’s a significant decision, one that hinges on the right mix of efficiency and convenience for your living space. Let me steer you through the details that matter for your plush carpets.

The best Roomba for carpets is the Roomba j7+ for its suction power and most well-rounded performance.

Picking the right Roomba isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about enhancing your home life. Whether you need a device that won’t get stuck under the sofa or one that runs for hours without a recharge, there’s a Roomba waiting to meet your needs.

Stick with me, and together we’ll find the model that will keep your carpets spotless and your home gleaming with satisfaction.

1. iRobot Roomba j7+ (7150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum – Best Overall

Are you tired of vacuum cleaners that get tangled in cords or make a mess with pet waste? Look no further! The iRobot Roomba j7+ brings a hassle-free vacuuming experience right to your carpeted areas. With its advanced sensors and Smart Mapping technology, it avoids common household obstacles like a pro.

Have you ever wished for a vacuum that not only cleans but also obeys your commands? The Roomba j7 does just that. You can set Keep Out Zones, schedule cleanings, and even use voice commands for ultimate convenience. And let’s talk about navigation – this robot vacuum gracefully maneuvers around furniture and is smart enough to prevent tumbles with its Cliff Detect feature.

The Roomba j7+ also comes with the self-emptying feature, making its easy-to-clean dust bin even better with maintenance a breeze. It’s a great for larger homes as it vacuums up to 800 sq ft of carpeted space before it needs to recharge.

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2. iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum (3550)

Are you tired of vacuuming and looking for a cleaning ally to take over? Enter the iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO, a great partner for pristine carpets with zero effort from you. This affordable robot vacuum comes equipped with a self-emptying feature that stands up to the busiest of lifestyles.

With its powerful 3-Stage Cleaning System and 10X Power-Lifting Suction, it tackles the dirt on both hardwood and carpeted floors with ease.

The Roomba i3+ EVO doesn’t just clean; it navigates around furniture with intelligence and suggests cleaning schedules that align with your habits, making your life easier.

Want a vacuum that can talk to your existing smart home setup? This robot vacuum works seamlessly with Google Assistant and Alexa, offering voice control and remote management directly from your smartphone.

The device’s AllergenLock Bags impressively trap 99% of pollen and mold, sparing you from frequent bin emptying as it holds up to 60 days of dirt. While its 75-minute battery life ensures it meets the needs of many homes, some may find it limiting for larger spaces or lengthy cleaning jobs. Yet, for many, the convenience it adds to daily routines, especially in homes with pets or allergies, is invaluable.

Best For: Those in need of a reliable, automated solution for keeping their floors clean, particularly beneficial for pet owners or individuals with allergies.


  • The self-emptying system greatly reduces maintenance effort and frequency.
  • Intelligent navigation and custom schedules make the vacuum adapt to your lifestyle and cleaning needs.
  • Smart home device compatibility allows for effortless voice control and smartphone management.


  • Homes with extensive floor plans may require a robot vacuum with longer battery life.

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3. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal

Are you tired of the endless cycle of vacuuming? Look no further than the iRobot Roomba i7+. This robot vacuum features a powerful 10x Power-Lifting suction, perfect for getting deep into carpets for a thorough clean. But it’s not just about power; the Roomba i7+ brings a new level of convenience into your life.

Imagine not worrying about vacuuming for up to 60 days, thanks to the automatic dirt disposal system. Picture your clean floors staying impeccably clean without lifting a finger. Isn’t that the dream?

The i7+ fits effortlessly into your smart home ecosystem. With Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can kick off a cleaning session with a simple voice command.

And with an impressive 75-minute battery life, along with extra filters and brushes included, this robot vacuum is a wise choice for homes and anyone who values their time.

For pet owners and busy folks, the Roomba i7+ offers not only the convenience of self-emptying but also smart mapping and voice assistant command features that make cleaning a breeze. However, it’s worth noting that to navigate effectively, it might need some light in the room.

Keep your living space spotless with minimal effort and enjoy the perks of advanced technology with the Roomba i7+.

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4. iRobot Roomba i4+ EVO Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying and Smart Mapping

The iRobot Roomba i4+ EVO is a budget-friendly robot vacuum and your potential new ally in the fight against dust and pet hair.

This robot vacuum doesn’t just clean your floors; it also comes with a self-emptying feature that keeps you hands-off for up to 60 days. Its smart mapping capability ensures that it hits every spot that requires cleaning, without any extra effort on your part.

Who wouldn’t want a robot that can take on the tedious task of vacuuming with ease? The Roomba i4+ EVO offers a powerful 3-Stage Cleaning System that promises to leave your carpets spotless.

Its dual rubber brushes are specially designed to handle hair without getting tangled, making it a pet owner’s dream. And yes, you can even tell it what to do with your voice through Alexa or Google Assistant.

However, no gadget is perfect. A few users have mentioned issues with the vacuum’s connectivity, but these concerns are dwarfed by the overwhelming number of positive reviews praising its pet hair management and overall performance.

Are you part of a busy household that could use a helping hand in maintaining a cleaner home? The Roomba i4+ EVO might just be the automated cleaning solution you’ve been searching for.

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5. iRobot Roomba i6+ (6550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal & Wi-Fi Connected

Meet the iRobot Roomba i6+ (6550), your solution for effortless cleaning. This robot vacuum boasts a self-emptying feature that frees you from handling vacuum debris for up to 60 days.

The Roomba i6+ doesn’t just clean; it learns your home’s layout and improves its cleaning paths over time. It’s easy to control, too, with just your voice or a tap on the iRobot HOME app. Perfect for busy multitaskers!

While the Roomba i6+ comes with a higher price tag than some models like the Roborock E4, its advanced features justify the investment. One standout is its ability to tackle pet hair – it’s a real powerhouse.

It delivers a noticeable improvement in home cleanliness, demanding very little of your time or effort. Isn’t that what we all want from a cleaning device?

Best For: Pet owners and those seeking powerful suction with minimal effort.


  • Enjoy hands-free vacuuming for up to two months thanks to the automatic dirt disposal system.
  • Benefit from precise navigation and mapping for more effective cleaning.
  • Take advantage of easy control options through app integration and voice commands.


  • Expect to invest more for this high-quality robot vacuum.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roomba for Carpets

Are you searching for the perfect Roomba to keep your carpets pristine? If you’re navigating the world of robotic vacuums, consider suction power a top priority. A Roomba with strong suction will deftly clean deep into your carpet’s fibers. It’s also essential to choose a brush design that both dislodges and lifts dirt effectively, without getting tangled in the process.

Do you wonder if one Roomba can adjust to various carpet heights? The answer is yes! Select a model equipped with adaptive technology to handle diverse carpet textures and pile heights. Also opt for a Roomba that includes smart dirt detection technology. This feature enables the vacuum to concentrate on areas that require extra attention, ensuring a thorough clean.

Before making your decision, think about how the Roomba will integrate into your home routine. Will it seamlessly transition from one room to another, tackling dirt as it goes?

Let’s take a look at each of the factors to get you the right robot vac.

A group of "roombas for carpet" in a living room.

Suction Power Level

The right vacuum’s suction power is key to extracting dirt and debris from carpets. If you have thick or deep pile carpets, you know they require a more robust cleaning. That’s why it’s wise to choose a Roomba that offers higher suction power.

Have you considered the convenience of adjustable suction levels? This feature allows you to clean various surfaces efficiently without draining the battery or sacrificing performance. It’s a balance that can keep your home spotless and welcoming.

If you have a lot of carpet in your home, you’ll also want to get one with a longer battery life. Roombas are smart enough to use more power on carpet, but that will also use more battery power. So it’s not just if you have a powerful vacuum, but also the size of its battery.

Before you make your investment, check that the Roomba’s suction power fits the demands of your carpeted areas. The ideal Roomba can significantly contribute to a cleaner and more inviting living space. Are you ready to find the model that will transform your cleaning routine?

Brush Design Efficiency

When choosing a Roomba for carpet cleaning, it’s vital to consider the efficiency of its brush design. A well-designed brush greatly impacts the machine’s capability to lift and remove dirt from different carpet types.

The arrangement and type of brushes on a Roomba are key factors in its ability to deep clean and tackle embedded dirt, particularly in carpets with dense fibers.

Are you tired of dirt and hair getting tangled in your vacuum’s brushes? The arrangement and type of brushes on a Roomba are key factors in its ability to deep clean and tackle embedded dirt, particularly in carpets with dense fibers.

Have you ever wondered how some brushes can prevent annoying tangles with long hair and pet fur? It’s crucial for brushes to adapt to varying carpet types and pile heights for top performance.

I always suggest opting for models with rubber brushes tailored to boost carpet cleaning effectiveness. Selecting a Roomba with a focus on brush design efficiency could be the secret to keeping your carpets looking clean and fresh.

Do you need a Roomba that can handle your specific carpet cleaning needs? Look for models with specialized brush engineering. These are designed to clean carpets more effectively, ensuring that dirt and debris are thoroughly removed.

Keep in mind that the right brush design can make a significant difference in the overall maintenance of your carpets, providing a cleaner living environment.

Carpet Height Adaptability

Are you looking for a Roomba that can handle the variety of carpets in your home? Choosing a model that features carpet height adaptability is a smart move. These Roombas can adjust on the fly to clean different carpet thicknesses effectively. Why does this matter?

It’s simple: a Roomba that adapts to the height of your carpet cleans more thoroughly. Plus, it won’t get tripped up moving from one area to another, giving you consistent results throughout your home.

Do you value a vacuum that’s up to the task of managing diverse floorings? I certainly do. That’s why I always choose a vacuum with carpet height adaptability. With this feature, I can keep all my carpets, from plush to low pile, looking immaculate.

Are you ready to see the difference in your home? A Roomba with this capability isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s about ensuring smooth transitions and maintaining the beauty of your flooring with ease. Let’s find out how these smart vacuums can make a real difference in your cleaning routine.

A group of roombas for carpet in a living room.

Dirt Detection Technology

Are you tired of finding dirt and dust in the hardest-to-reach places in your home? Does your busy lifestyle leave little time for thorough cleaning?

Enter the Roomba with its state-of-the-art Dirt Detection Technology—your ally in maintaining a pristine living space. This incredible feature doesn’t just clean; it targets the dirtiest areas with unparalleled precision.

Have you noticed how high-traffic zones seem to attract the most mess? The Roomba’s technology addresses this head-on, dedicating extra effort to these problem spots without any manual input from you. It’s not merely roaming your floors—it’s on a mission to seek out and tackle the toughest dirt and debris.

Consider how this intelligent system transforms your home’s cleanliness. With carpet height adaptability, the Roomba effortlessly transitions from surface to surface. But it’s the Dirt Detection that truly elevates its performance, especially on carpets.

Navigation and Mapping

Roomba’s smart navigation and mapping technology is a game-changer, ensuring that every corner of your home gets the thorough clean it deserves. With the ability to create personalized schedules and target specific zones, you can tailor the cleaning to your unique needs.

Have you ever wondered how your Roomba avoids bumping into furniture? Advanced sensors and smart mapping guide it around obstacles, streamlining its cleaning route for maximum efficiency.

If you live in a house with multiple levels, you’ll appreciate how some premium model Roombas can store several maps, making it easy to maintain cleanliness across all floors.

Imagine the convenience of asking your Roomba to clean just the living room, and it knows exactly where to go! This precision not only saves time but also elevates the effectiveness of your carpet cleaning routine. When selecting a Roomba, consider how these intelligent features can transform your cleaning experience.

Maintenance and Clean-Up

Are you looking to keep your Roomba running smoothly for years to come? Taking care of it with regular maintenance and clean-up is key. Let’s dive into the simple habits that can help maintain your robot vacuum’s efficiency, especially for carpeted areas.

Did you know that frequently cleaning the brushes and filters can seriously boost your Roomba’s performance? It’s a task you shouldn’t overlook. Make sure to empty the dust bin often too; it’s a straightforward way to avoid clogs and keep the suction power strong.

It’s not just about what’s inside, though. Keeping an eye on the sensors and navigation system is also essential for accurate mapping and avoiding obstacles.

Don’t let tangled hair and debris around the brush rolls slow your Roomba down. Regular checks and cleaning will keep it running without a hitch. And it’s not just about the internal parts—giving the exterior a good wipe down is just as important to prevent any performance-impeding buildup of dust and dirt.

A lineup of the best Roombas for carpet, ready to tackle any mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Roomba Vacuums Handle Long Pet Hair on Thick Carpets?

Are you tired of finding long pet hair tangled in your thick carpets? A Roomba vacuum could be your ally in this battle, thanks to its strong suction and active brush action. These smart devices are designed to tackle such challenges, but they do come with a caveat: maintenance is key.

To ensure your Roomba operates at peak efficiency, it’s essential to regularly clean the brushes and empty the bin. Neglecting this can lead to clogs and a noticeable drop in performance. Have you checked your Roomba’s brushes lately? Keeping them free of debris not only optimizes the vacuum’s effectiveness but also extends its life.

Staying on top of your Roomba’s maintenance routine isn’t as daunting as it may seem. With a few simple habits, you can keep your vacuum running smoothly. So, why not take a moment after each cleaning cycle to clear out the bin and examine the brushes? Your efforts will pay off with a cleaner home and a happier, hair-free carpet.

Can Roombas Replace a Traditional Upright Vacuum for Deep Cleaning of High-Pile Carpets, or Are They More Suitable for Maintenance Cleaning?

Roombas have carved out a niche for themselves by keeping floors tidy on a daily basis. However, when it comes to dislodging the deep-seated dirt from high-pile carpets, they fall short. A traditional upright vacuum cleaner is still my go-to for a thorough cleanup.

Consider the Roomba as your daily dust-busting ally. It sweeps through your home, scooping up daily accumulations of dust and debris. This routine maintenance does play a significant role in reducing the frequency of those heavy-duty vacuum sessions.

Yet, for a truly deep clean, we still need to rely on the might of a traditional vacuum cleaner. The ease of use and the convenience of a Roomba can’t be overstated—it’s a game-changer for routine cleaning. But when the task at hand is to extract all the grime from a plush carpet, trust your upright vacuum to do the heavy lifting.

A combination of both devices might just be the perfect cleaning strategy for your home.

Are There Any Specific Carpet Materials or Weaves That Roombas Struggle With, Such as Shag Rugs or Berber Carpets?

Certain types of carpets can indeed pose a challenge for these robotic vacuums. For instance, the thick weave of shag rugs can be troublesome, as Roombas may tangle in the plush fibers. Similarly, Berber carpets, known for their tight loops, might cause snags.

It’s not merely the material that matters, but also the pile height and density, which can influence the cleaning effectiveness of a Roomba. Typically, Roombas perform best on low to medium-pile carpets.

You may notice that shag rugs with their deep, thick weaves can stop a Roomba in its tracks. The robot vacuum can become entangled in the long fibers, compromising its ability to clean. Even Berber carpets, durable as they are, can present issues with their looped design that may catch on the Roomba’s brushes.

While these robotic vacuums are ideal for many, they’re best suited for certain surfaces. Low to medium-pile carpets allow Roombas to glide smoothly and clean effectively.

How Do Roombas Perform on Carpets With Dark Patterns or Black Colors? Do They Have Trouble With Navigation or Dirt Detection on Such Surfaces?

Roomba robot vacuums come equipped with sensors, but when they encounter dark surfaces, they might mistake them for cliffs or stairs, which can disrupt their cleaning routes. Thankfully, advancements in technology are improving their ability to differentiate between textures and edges, reducing the likelihood of such errors.

Are you curious about whether these smart vacuums can still detect dirt on darker carpets? The good news is that despite potential challenges, many Roombas can still effectively identify and clean up dirt on a variety of surfaces.

Roombas have come a long way in mastering the art of carpet navigation and dirt detection, making them a helpful companion in maintaining the cleanliness of our living spaces. So, next time you watch your Roomba at work, you’ll know that it’s not just vacuuming—it’s navigating a world of patterns and textures with increasing skill.

Are There Any Accessories or Additional Tools Recommended for Optimizing Roomba Performance on Carpets With a Lot of Foot Traffic or in Homes With Children and Pets?

If you have children or pets, you know the challenge of maintaining spotless floors. Have you considered upgrading your Roomba with some key accessories and extra features?

A high-efficiency filter and a larger debris bin are vital, especially with self-emptying models. They can trap more dust, dirt, and pet hair, ensuring a deeper clean with every pass.

Do you find your Roomba wandering off into less dirty areas? Virtual wall barriers can be a game-changer. They help to guide your robot vacuum to concentrate its efforts on areas that need the most attention.

And don’t forget regular maintenance. Keeping the brushes clean is crucial to avoid any hiccups in your Roomba’s performance.

By incorporating these simple add-ons and routine care, you can significantly improve how your Roomba tackles those busy carpets. It’s about giving the device the tools it needs to work smarter, not harder.

Ready to see the difference these enhancements can make in your home?

Top Roomba Models for Carpet Final Thoughts

After conducting thorough reviews, I’m here to share insights on the top Roombas that will change your cleaning routine. The Roomba j7+ with its smart obstacle avoidance and the i3+ EVO, with its self-emptying feature, are standout choices.

Looking to elevate your carpet cleaning without breaking a sweat? The Roomba lineup offers advanced technology designed to tackle the fibers of your carpet effectively. Embrace the convenience of cutting-edge cleaning and say farewell to manual vacuuming. With a Roomba, you can reclaim your time while it does the heavy lifting.

From the high-traffic living room to cozy bedrooms, these robotic vacuums deliver consistent results. Now is the time to choose the Roomba that aligns with your home’s needs and witness a transformation in your daily routine. Cleaning has never been so effortless, or so smart.

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