How to Reset a Shark Robot Vacuum (IQ, AI, ION)

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Shark Robot Vacuums are some of the better robots in the market and designed to be low-maintenance with day-to-day use. They have features such as self-emptying bases, self-cleaning brush rolls, home mapping, mobile apps, and voice control. 

As with all tech products though, there might be glitches once in a while for a variety of reasons. Robot vacuum owners could see that the Shark is not connecting to Wi-Fi, not following the preset schedules, or not cleaning all the mapped areas.

Sometimes, it could be software issues, in which case, a quick reset will take care of any issues. Other times, if there’re more unexpected robot behaviors, a reset to factory default settings might be in order. I’ll show you how to reset a Shark Robot Vacuum

Performing a device reset can also be useful if you are reselling your robot vacuum. Or you have a newly-bought Shark ION Robot, but it’s second hand to you, a reset ensures all the above settings are cleared for you to start fresh. Either way, I’ll go over all the steps to reset the Shark robots back to its original factory settings.

In this article, I’ll detail the steps needed to reset all models in the Shark lineup: Shark IQ, Shark AI, Shark AI VACMOP, and the Wi-Fi Connected Shark ION Robot Vacuum Cleaners.

Before we start any reset procedure to factory settings, let’s go over a few items and scenarios. 

What to Know Before Resetting Your Shark Robot Vacuum

Before you reset your Shark robot vacuum cleaner, be aware that the device will lose all user settings, including:

  • WiFi Passwords
  • Cloud Stored Data
  • Schedules and Maps
  • App Settings
  • Any Firmware updates that have been installed

If you want to retain any schedules, settings, or other data, make a note of all the settings, so you can set them up after you reset the Shark. 

If you have a Wi-Fi connection issue with your Shark, then there are a couple of steps to try before doing a full factory reset:

  1. Restart your phone, this can fix any connection problems that may be mobile app related.
  2. Reboot the robot vacuum cleaner by pressing the Power button located on the side of the robot to the off position. After a couple of seconds, restart the robot by pressing the Power button again.
  3. Reboot your Wi-Fi router, this is a common fix for many Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

I have also listed some troubleshooting tips at the end of this article that will fix many common problems. If you are unsure as to whether you need to reset your Shark robot, then have a look at these steps first to check if any are relevant to your situation. 

Reset Shark – All Models

There are a couple of methods you can use to reset a Shark Robot Vacuum. The first method is with the mobile app and the second method is a manual reset. 

This is the easiest method to reset your device. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, then the simplest method is to use the Shark App on your smartphone or tablet. The steps for the App method are detailed below:

Method One – Use the Shark App

  1. Open the Shark App on your Mobile Device. (The app and the vacuum cleaner must be using the same 2.4ghz Wi-Fi Network)
  2.  Navigate to the Settings Menu and select the Factory Reset Option.
  3. The device reset procedure will commence and the robot vacuum cleaner will restore to factory settings, the procedure can take a few minutes.

If for some reason you can’t use this method, for instance, no Wi-Fi connection, then don’t worry. Next up, I’ll walk you through the procedure required to perform a manual reset. 

Method 2 – Perform a Factory Reset / Reboot Manually

Shark has made the manual reset/reboot procedure easy. Compared with some other manufacturer’s convoluted reset procedures, this is a walk in the park.

  1. The first step is to turn the robot vacuum cleaner upside down. 
  2. Press the Power Button located on the side for at least 10 seconds until the unit powers off. 
  3. Wait for at least 10-seconds before pressing the Power Button again to factory reboot the robot vacuum. The vacuum cleaner should now be reset back to factory settings.

What if My Shark Still isn’t Working?

Hopefully, a factory reset resolved whatever issue your device was having. If it still isn’t working, then in this section, I will guide you through a series of troubleshooting steps that can help you resolve other obstacles and problems.

The LED lights on these smart cleaning robots are configured to display an error message that in most instances will provide you with a clear idea of where the problem lies.

If there are no LED lights on, then it could be a battery charge issue. Return the robot back to the docking station, and allow it to fully charge (allow at least 4 hrs).

If there is a sequence of lights flashing, here are some possible errors:

  • Clean(Red) + ! 
    • If both of these are flashing, this indicates a suction motor failure. Check for blockages, clean the filters, and remove the dustbin to check for blockages. It’s possible there could be pet hair or other debris caught up. 
  • MAX + !
    • If these lights are flashing, it indicates that the side brush is stuck. Check to see if there are clogged brushes, this could be a build up of pet hair or other debris too. 
  • Clean(Red) + MAX + ! 
    • This combination of flashing lights indicates that the drive wheel is jammed. Check to ensure that no debris has clogged the wheel mechanism. 
  • Clean + Dock + MAX + ! 
    • This combination of lights indicates that there is a problem with the other wheels. Check for hair or debris. Check the wheels by pushing down on them. If they’re clear, they should spring back up.
  • Dock + MAX + ! 
    • This indicates that the brush roll is jammed. Check for any debris jamming the device.
  • Clean(Red) + Dock
    • If these are flashing, it indicates the cliff sensors are not working. These sensors are located on the underside of the unit. Clean them with a dry cloth or duster.
    • It can also indicate that the robot cannot start due to an error. Use the Power switch to turn the robot off. Then restart it on a flat surface. 

Hopefully by now, your problem has been resolved and your Shark Robot Vacuum is once again giving your house and floors a good clean.

If you are still having trouble with your robot vacuum, then Shark support is always on-hand to offer further help and advice. Just ask how to reset Shark ION Robot Vacuum or how to reset Shark IQ Robot Vacuum.

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