iRobot Roomba 985 Vs 980

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Multitasking is the best way to get more done. A robotic vacuum allows you to clean your floors while tackling other responsibilities. To take advantage of this easy multitasking solution, you should start by exploring the Roomba 985 vs 980 models comparison. They’re similar, but with some differences, and we’ll see which is the better option for your needs.

Clean floors are imperative for a home that is comfortable. This is even more important if anyone in your home has allergies or asthma. Your floors take a lot of abuse, so cleaning them daily is the best way to maintain them.


You can save a lot of time when you employ the help of a robotic vacuum. This vacuum with go to work while you are doing other things. It will save you time and ensure that your floors are always clean by the time you get home from work.

These vacuums work completely on their own so that you can be busy with other things while they are going to work. To ensure that your floors are as clean as possible, you will choose between the Roomba 980 vs 985.

Looking at each of these great Roomba models in detail will help to make sure that you choose the right one to aid you in keeping your floors in impeccable condition.

Quick Comparison: Roomba 980 vs 985


The Roomba 980 and 985 both come with the following accessories:

  • A Home Base Charging System
  • A line cord
  • An extra filter

The two things that set these two Roombas apart is that the Roomba 980 also comes with an extra side brush and has two virtual walls. The Roomba 985 only has one virtual one. This brush helps to clean the area up against baseboards more effectively.

Battery and Recharging

With a full battery charge, both of these vacuums will run for up to 120 minutes. Once their charge starts to get too low, they will return to the Home Base Charging System where they receive a full charge. They both take about three hours to charge fully on the home base.


Once the vacuums get a full recharge, they know to go back to cleaning until the job is done. This ensures that the cleaning is not cut short by a lack of battery power.


Both the Roomba 980 and 985 comes with a high-efficiency filter. This filter is capable of trapping approximately 99 percent of pet allergens. It also collects pet hair with ease so that your floors are cleaner and safer for those who have allergies.

Once the filter traps the allergens, they remain in there until it is changed. This reduces the overall pet dander in the air of your home.

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Both systems use visual navigation and mapping. This allows the vacuum to know which areas it has already cleaned so that it works through your home and does not miss any areas.

They are able to determine which areas of your home have higher traffic than others due to the Dirt Detect technology. This is due to various sensors that can determine when one area is especially dirty. As a result, the vacuums will spend more time in these areas to effectively lift all of the dirt and debris.


These vacuums also feature Cliff Detect sensors. Due to this technology, the vacuums will know when they are near stairs or other drop-offs so that they do not fall.

Cleaning System

You can use an app with both vacuums to customize the cleaning that they provide. This feature also allows you to see the cleaning status. Use this app to schedule cleanings so that your Roomba knows when to go to work without you needing to intervene.


These vacuums feature an Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head. Due to this element, they are able to adjust the height they are operating at. This allows them to go from carpet to hard floors without you needing to make any manual adjustments.

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These vacuums have Multi-Surface Brushes. These brushes are able to maintain contact with all floor types so that they effectively push dirt to the surface so that they can suck it up. The brushes are able to adjust to different floor heights so that they maintain close contact.

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Roomba 985 vs 980 Pros and Cons

Since these vacuums are so similar regarding their features, the pros and cons are the same for both of them. Use this information to get a quick look at the positives and negatives of the Roomba 980 and 985.


  • These work well to pick up pet hair
  • The navigation technology ensures that no dirt is left behind
  • They will clean both carpeted and hard floors
  • These vacuums go below furniture easily
  • They both have a long run time


  • The debris bin is smaller than comparable vacuums
  • The wheels may stick and need to be dislodged


The primary differences between the Roomba 980 vs 985 are the accessories that they come with. The 980 comes with an extra side brush and two virtual wall barriers, while the 985 does not have either of the two accessories. When you are choosing the best one, you simply have to determine which accessories you want to use with your vacuum.

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