Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light is Red

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Shark vacuum cleaners are well-known and well-loved all around the world. They are reliable, efficient, well designed, and most importantly – perform exceptionally when pitted against other vacuums in their price range.

However with all its benefits and strengths, flaws do happen and unfortunately for some users this would be the case. We’ll explore one of these errors in the article below – when your Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light is red.

What does it mean, and what should you do when this happens to you? Let’s find out below.

Red Brush Roll Indicator Light Reasons


When your Shark vacuum’s brush roll indicator light turns red, it basically means that something is stuck or there is a jam in the brush roll. It may also mean that your shark vacuum is overheating due to blockage or a thermostat error.


When cleaning the areas around your home, you may find that at some point, large pieces of debris or accumulated dust will block up the brush roll or hose in your Shark vacuum. This is when the red light on your Brush Roll indicator comes on and you may need to do a quick fix on your vacuum either by cleaning out the brush roll or locating any form of blockage along the suction hose of your Shark vacuum.

In order to clear any blockage on your Shark vacuum, you first need to clean your filter and your brush roll. To do that:

  • First, remove the dustbin on your Shark vacuum.
  • Press the bin release button on the Shark vacuum unit and lift the canister off from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Then clear out any debris in the bin by emptying it into your home’s trash can.
  • Take a look at the bin itself and look for a small metal grate.
  • Make sure that the metal grate is clean by using a scrubby pad or a toothbrush to dislodge any big pieces of debris.

Now there are two more filters located in the bin:

  • The first filter can be washed with warm water and should be left out to dry for about 24 hours before use.
  • The second filter is a HEPA filter which cannot be washed but can be cleaned out using an air compressor.

Alternatively, you can just find a replacement HEPA filter that is compatible with your vacuum as these are relatively inexpensive to purchase.

Now you can clean out your brush roll.

  • Take off the brush roll plate that is attached to the underside of your shark vacuum’s suction unit.
  • There are three plastic knobs that have to be unlocked in order to remove the brush roll plate and access the brush roll.
  • Now that you have access to it, use a pair of scissors or any object which allows you to pull up the accumulated dust, hair or debris on the brushes.
  • Be extra careful not to cut off any of the bristles on the brush roll.

When it comes to an overheating Shark vacuum, first check if your dust cup is clogged. If it’s clogged, clean it with a cloth until you don’t see any more dust on it. Next, check the filter and follow the steps above to clean out the filter if it’s dirtier than usual.

How to clear clogs and what to do when the indicator light turns red on your Shark® UpLight™ Vacuum

Lastly, if your Shark vacuum is constantly overheating and showing a red light on the brush roll indicator, there might be an electrical issue with it. It can either be the plug, or the internal thermostat. For a faulty plug, check that the power cable has no frays or kinks in it and the plug itself is working fine.

For issues with the internal thermostat, this might be due to a bad motor. If there are any stray bits of debris stuck around your motor, this might cause it to work harder than it’s supposed to and it will overheat due to that.

Blockage is also a factor as well, if there is too much dust or hair stuck on the brush roll, the motor needs to work harder and make you Shark vacuum’s internal thermostat overheat as well, causing the red light on the brush roll indicator.

Other Light Colors And What They Mean

  • A Green light means that your Shark vacuum is switched on and working as normal
  • A blinking light means that your Shark Vacuum is being charged or the battery is running low

Here’s a video on the Shark Rocket Powerhead’s Brushroll Indicator Light:

The Brushroll Indicator Light on the Shark® Rocket® Powerhead™

If you have a Shark Apex, check out this video:

What the brushroll indicator light means on your Shark® APEX®

What If The Indicator Light Is Not On?

If the indicator light isn’t on, this can mean a few things.

Vacuum Is Not Switched On Properly

If your vacuum is not switched on properly, there will be no light on the brush roll unit and your vacuum will not work as it should. Try to check the plugs and the power supply to see if there are any issues there.

Brush Roll Is Completely Stuck

In situations of severe blockage of the brush roll, the internal sensors of the Shark vacuum will refuse to start up due to the risk of danger if switched on. Try checking the brush roll and remove any pieces of dirt and debris that may cause this blockage.

Nozzle Is Not Connected Properly

Every part of the vacuum has to be connected properly otherwise your Shark vacuum will not start up. Check that the nozzle is properly attached to the brush roll and clean out any blockage that may cause it to not connect properly.


Shark vacuums have been around and have been known to be reliable and easy to use products that make house cleaning work much easier.

The indicator lights are a helpful indication of what’s going right or wrong with your Shark vacuum. You can also read the owner’s manual of your specific Shark vacuum to learn what these lights mean.

Use the tips above as guidelines when troubleshooting and hopefully it’ll help with a quick fix. For more serious problems, contact Shark customer service and see how they can help.

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