Where are JVC TVs Made?

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Do you love watching TV shows on your big screen JVC TV or maybe researching JVC TVs? Wondering just where are JVC TVs made? 

In this article, I’ll tell you where JVC TVs are made, who makes them, and more. 

Where are JVC TVs Made?

JVC TVs are made in China, England, and India. JVC TVs are manufactured in those 3 countries through licensing and manufacturing partners. There are 3 separate OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

In China, JVC TVs are made by Shenzhen MTC in the city of Shenzhen. They make JVC TVs for the North American market. 

In London, England, JVC TVs are made by by Dixon Carphone for the European market. 

In India, JVC TVs are made by the Viera Group for the local Indian market. 

Who Makes JVC TVs? 

JVC is a well-known brand that sells TVs and many other consumer electronics. But who make JVC TVs? JVC TVs vary from location to location.

Over the years, consumers’ demand for better TVs has increased sharply. As a result, many TV companies, including JVC, have had to outsource some of the manufacturing operations to meet the increased demand.

In April 2008, JVC announced that they would close their manufacturing plant in Scotland and Japan. For North America, JVC TVs are distributed by the famous company AmTRAN Video Corp. Service and warranties are handled under license from JVC Kenwood.

For Europe, Dixons car phone produces JVC TVs under the licence of JVC Kenwood. JVC Kenwood manufactures JVC TVs under licence of Dixons car phone.

Therefore, regardless of whether a TV brand is well known, it is important to be aware of who makes the next TV you plan to buy.

We’ve collected detailed information about JVC televisions. From company history to the present day, from the founders to the current owners and manufacturers. This is everything you should know if you want to decide whether JVC is a good TV brand. 

What Does JVC Mean?

JVC means Japan Victor Company. JVC was founded in 1927 as a subsidiary of the Victor Talking Machine Company. They started out as a phonograph manufacturer in the US. 

JVC is now an electronics company that manufactures visual and audio equipment. Their products include televisions, radios, stereos, camcorders, DVD players, and more.

Who Owns JVC TV?

To understand who owns JVC TV we first need to go back a little into history.

JVC is widely recognized as Japan Victor Company and now belongs to JVC Kenwood Corporation The company was founded in Yokohama, Japan in 1927. Since then, JVC ownership has changed a few times.

They started out as an individual company, but in 1953, it was taken over by Matsushita Electric. After 55 years under Matsushita ownership, JVC was then sold and became JVC Kenwood Holdings in 2008.

Finally, in the year 2011, JVC Kenwood became its own company and is now the sole owner of all JVC products, including JVC TVs. Even though the owernship didn’t change, the manufacturer of JVC TVs has changed. 

Here is a little more in-depth history of all the various hands that JVC has been under. 

Takeover by RCA Victor

JVC was transferred to RCA Victor in 1929 after Radio Corporation of America (RCA) purchased the  Victor Talking Machine Company parent company.

Mitsubishi and Sumitomo companies also purchased JVC’s minority shares at around the same time

Ownership by Nissan Motor Toshiba and Nihon Denko

RCA Victor in 1937 sold most of its JVC shares to Nihon Sangyo (today’s Nissan Motor Company).

In 1938, RCA Victor sold its remaining shares to Nihon Denko and Tokyo Shibaura Electric (Toshiba).

Also in 1938, Dai-Ichi Mutual Life Insurance purchased the shares held by Mitsubishi and Sumitomo.

Under Toshiba and Panasonic

Over the following years, Toshiba acquired more shares in JVC, becoming JVC’s majority owner. 

In 1953, during the American Occupation in Japan, Toshiba was forced to sell its JVC shares because of anti-monopoly laws that were implemented.

That’s when Panasonic Corporation (back then was Matshushita Electric Industrial Company) became JVC majority shareholder.

Are JVC and Kenwood the Same Company?

JVC and Kenwood are partners in the same company, JVC Kenwood, after their merger. JVC Kenwood is the parent company that holds the JVC trademark. 

Panasonic Corporation maintained a controlling interest in JVC until 2008, when it sold off its shares.

Does JVC Still Make TVs?

JVC still makes TVs to this day. Their products include a wide range of color TVs, with various screen sizes ranging from 32″ to 70″. They also make smart TVs, with some equipped Roku TV features. JVC’s TVs are marketed in the US, Europe, Asia, and other parts of world.

JVC has been manufacturing TVs for over 70 years. They started out by making their own components but now use some of the best parts from around the world.

For a long time JVC dominated the TV production industry, establishing itself as a highly respected TV brand in the world.

However, over the past few years, the company has lost its position to other top TV brands, including LG, Samsung Electronics, and Sony.

Is JVC A Good TV Brand?

JVC makes excellent home entertainment equipment including TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray Disc Players, camcorders, digital cameras, and audio systems. Their products are well made and offer outstanding performance. They are known for their durability and reliability. JVC products are often found in homes across America for the value they provide for the affordable prices. 

Should You Buy JVC TVs?

JVC is a reputable TV brand, but it has slipped quite a bit recently. Other TV brands such as LG, Samsung, and even Sony have taken over.

JVC is a good brand overall, but its TVs aren’t as good as Sony or LG. Their prices are lower than those of other brands, but they’re also more expensive than other brands’ products.

Where JVC TVs are Made Final Thoughts

All in all, JVC is a solid brand for TVs. However, if you want the best quality, you should look elsewhere. If you’re looking for an affordable option, JVC TVs are a great option. 

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