Where Are LG TVs Made?

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LG TVs make watching movies and TV shows a great experience. But where are LG TVs made? They have a wide array of features that help you enjoy your favorite shows on any screen size or shape.

In this article, I’ll explain where LG televisions are made and the markets that the various factories serve. 

LG TVs are manufactured in eight different countries. South Korea makes the most of them. They are reliable, but they aren’t always cheap.

Where are LG TVs made?

LG makes most of its televisions and components in South Korea and China, but also manufactures them in Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, Poland, Vietnam, and India.

Most of these local factories also sell TVs to other parts of the globe, not just to the same local country where the TVs are manufactured. Large LG factories in other countries assemble and sell the products worldwide.

8 Countries Where LG TVs are Made

Since 1958, LG has been producing televisions in various countries and territories including New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and America. These are the countries where LG TVs are made.

1. China

LG has a few TV manufacturing plants in China. Each factory produces different electronics, including LG TV components. 

LG opened a new factory in Guangzhou, China in 2019. The new factory produces OLED displays for TVs. These displays are popular because they are energy-efficient. 

LG produces about 1 million OLED displays per year for the Chinese market. Most of these are sold in China. However, LG also exports some of its products to other parts of Asia, Africa, North America. LG also ships TV components to other companies that assemble LG products.

2. India

In India, LG is actually the second-largest TV manufacturer. LG India makes the entire range of LG TV models there, so it gives the local consumers many choices when it comes to buying TVs. 

LG India opened an Open Cell Manufacturing plant in Pune, India in 2018. They started by making only 2 Models. Soon after, it started making a lot more other products. 

As the factory grew, they were able to make TVs at lower costs. LG televisions made in India are sold to. the Indian and African markets. 

3. Indonesia

Indonesia is an important hub for LG electronics as its one of the largest TV manufacturing plants they have. They produce over 3 million LED TVs there every year. 

LG Indonesia manufactures televisions for customers in Southeast Asia and Australia. In 2020, LG South Korea moved two TV production lines to Citibung, Indonesia. 

Indonesia is where 30 Ultra HD TV models originate from. They also make 3 other TV series – LG Super UHD TV 4K, LG Smart TV, and LG OLED TV 4K. 

LG Electronics expects this massive change in production to improve everything, including increasing demand, sales, and shipments.

4. Mexico

LG Electronics built 3 factories in Mexico. One is in Monterrey, another in Reynosa, and the third in Mexicali.

Mexico was once known as the ‘Detroit of Latin America’ because of its automotive industry. Nowadays, it’s also famous for electronics manufacturing. This is why it’s very common for companies to set up shop there.

LG Mexico is one of the biggest exporters of televisions to the United States and South America. But now, because of new tariffs, LG Mexico is forced to raise prices on its products. This means that the price of televisions will increase.

LG Mexico produces high quality TVs to local consumers today, but the future is uncertain with the taxes.

5. Poland

LG Electronics has several factories in Poland that make LG TVs for the European region. 

In 2007, LG opened their Wroclaw, Poland factory with a focus on making LCD components. The factory makes about 3 million LCD panels a year.

That ended in 2019 though because LG focused on producing OLED TVs instead. Another factor is that display manufacturing in Poland has become unprofitable for them. And the competing, cheaper Chinese TVs that were imported don‘t help either.

6. Russia

LG Electronics manufactures TVs in Russia in the factory located in Ruza, Russia. They supply many areas of the world, including Russia, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

LG Russia manufacturers about 1 million LG TVs every year. 

7. South Korea

LG Electronics is a South Korean based company, so it makes sense their first manufacturing plant is located in South Korea.

LG actually has several factories in South Korea making TV sets and various consumer electronics. Some are for producing screens while others are for assembling electronic products.

But in recent years, LG has slowly decreased the number of TVs they make in South Korea. 

LG Electronics is planning to move its TV production line to Indonesia. This means that the company wants to increase its profit by moving away from more expensive production costs in South Korea.

8. Vietnam

LG Electronics has one of its largest TV manufacturing plants in Vietnam. It helps produce more home electronics and appliance worldwide.

Over 16,000 Vietnamese are working in the Haiphong factory. LG Electronics established it in order to help produce more TVs, home electronics and appliances worldwide.

LG Vietnam is a fast-growing manufacturing hub for its products. In September 2021, LG Electronics increased their total investment to $1.4 billion to build an OLED factory in the country. This significant investment could lead to even greater success for the company.

Are LG TVs Reliable? Are They Good TVs?

LG TVs have gained an outstanding reputation worldwide. They are one of the oldest and most reputable brands and manufacturers. Their products are well made.

They offer features that will enhance your viewing experience. From their screen sizes to display quality, you can expect LG TV sets to give you the best performance.

LG TVs have various screen sizes from 32- inch TVs (18.28cm) to 65- inch TVs (165.1cm) and more.

LG Electronics will always have something to offer. “Good is an understatement. Many consumer electronics consumers worldwide trust LG Electronics for a reason.”

LG TVs have great picture quality, and also come with an easy-to-use navigation system. Users can easily navigate through the TV using this navigation system.

Remote controls are used by many people, but most people do not know how to use them.

What is LG OLED in TVs?

OLED (organic light emitting diode) is a newer technology in TVs. It enhances the picture quality in LCD TVs by using various types of panels such as TFT (thin film transistor) and OLED.

OLED TVs have a color refiner on their TFT and OLED panels. These two controls are for the TV display light. So it gives clearer and cleaner display images.

LG TVs last for many years. They come in various sizes. They have a high display resolution.

LG televisions offer excellent picture quality and a user-friendly interface. They also last longer than other TVs.

Where LG TVs are Made Final Thoughts

LG Electronics produces some of the highest quality TVs and electronics products available today. They are reliable and affordable.

Their TVs are manufactured in different countries around the globe. But the majority of their products are manufactured in South Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam for the global market.

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