Where Are Toshiba TVs Made? 10 Different Countries

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Toshiba is a Japanese company that manufactures electronic products, including televisions. Today, Toshiba is one of the largest manufacturers of Smart TVs in the world.

Toshiba has been manufacturing televisions since the 1950s with black and white TVs. The company has grown into a global leader in consumer electronics, producing a wide range of devices from refrigerators to laptops. 

Toshiba TVs are manufactured in many countries. This article will cover the top 10 countries for where Toshiba TVs are made. These countries produce over 90% of Toshiba TVs sold worldwide.

Where are Toshiba TVs made?

As Toshiba is a Japanese company, Toshiba TVs were first made in Japan. Over the past few decades, Toshiba has expanded its business into other countries. Most Toshiba TVs sold today are made in China, Mexico, or Turkey.

Manufacturing in different countries offers a number of advantages. For example, some countries have lower wages than others. In addition, there may be differences in labor laws or environmental regulations. Some countries also offer better tax incentives for companies. Shipping worldwide will also help people who want Toshiba TVs get them faster. 

1. Japan

The Toshiba corporation is a big Japanese company that produces TVs. Their only factory in Japan is in Fukaya, and they’ve been producing TVs there since 1939. The company exports millions of TVs every year, and they’re known as one of the top-selling brands around the world.

Toshiba stopped producing CRT and Plasma TVs in 2006 to start marking LCD TVs that offered far higher quality. 

Many Toshiba TVs were made in Japan until 2015 when production decreased. They’re now made in factories all over the world. 

Toshiba manufactures many types of televisions. Some of them are very expensive, but others are cheaper.

2. United States

Toshiba started making TVs in the United States in 1977. It produced about 10,000 to 20,000 TVs a month until 2005. The TVs sold in the U.S. came primarily from one plant in NY until 2015 when Toshiba stopped making CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes).

Most Toshiba TVs in the United States now originate from the Mexico, Poland, and Turkey factories. 

3. China

China was one of the first countries that Toshiba created a factory in. This factory produced TVs for China, Japan, and Russia primarily, but they did go to other countries. 

Toshiba did close one of its largest LCD TV factories in Dalian, China, but it didn’t stop Toshiba from being able to ship TVs across China and other countries. 

Since then, it has started working with other companies such as Compal and Hisense. These companies produce high-quality electronic products for the Chinese market.

Hisense is a Chinese electronics brand and manufacturer that invested in Toshiba and now manufactures Toshiba TVs in China.

4. Egypt

There is one Toshiba TV plant in Egypt that produces LCD TVs for the Middle Eastern market.

Since 2011, it produces about 60,000 TVs per year that goes to TVs shipping to the Middle East, Egypt, and North Africa. 

5. Indonesia

The Japanese electronics giant Toshiba has been struggling financially since 2015. In 2016, the company announced plans to close its factory in Indonesia. The plant was the biggest Toshiba plant outside Japan, but the company had to sell it off to a Chinese manufacturer.

A typical Toshiba factory is a huge building with many machines inside. There are lots of people working there. Many of them work in shifts. Some of them wear white coats. Others wear blue ones. Most of them work very hard. They make TVs.

6. Mexico

Toshiba stopped owning factories in North America, including in Mexico in 2015. 

Toshiba TVs are still being made in Mexico, but not in a Toshiba-owned factory.

Compal, a Taiwanese manufacturer, purchased Toshiba’s factory in Mexico. Compal continues the manufacturing and assembling of Toshiba TVs, so the TVs are still available in North American markets – US, Mexico, and Canada. 

7. Poland

In 2013, Toshiba also sold their factory plant in Poland to Compal. Similar to Compal’s manufacturing plant in Mexico, Compal will manufacture and assemble TVs there. 

Technically, all the Toshiba TVs in Europe today are not made by Toshiba. Instead, they’re made by Compal using Toshiba as a brand name.

8. Taiwan

Compal has taken control of most of the TV manufacturing and sales business for Toshiba. It’s making Toshiba TV sets in various locations, including Mexico and Poland mentioned above.

Of course, Compal also manufactures Toshiba TVs that are sold in Taiwan itself. From 2015 onwards, Compal has been manufacturing Toshiba TVs for the Asian, American, European markets.

9. Turkey

In Turkey, a Turkish manufacturing company purchased several Toshiba TV factories, similar to what Compal has done. 

Ever since 2015, all Toshiba TVs sold in Europe are manufactured by Vestel or Compal. 

10. Malaysia

One of the earliest Toshiba TV factory plants was in Malaysia. They produced TV sets for Malaysia and other Asian countries. 

They later decided to shut down their CRT TV production in 2006 due to heavy losses. CRT TVs stopped being popular and the money was in LCD TVs.

Toshiba TV Manufacturing Final Thoughts

All in all, Toshiba TVs have been made in over 10 different countries. Each country has its own unique culture, language, and traditions that offer TV manufacturing advantages.

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