Where are Sony TVs Made?

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Sony TVs are made by well-known consumer electronics brand – Sony Electronics. Sony TVs are desired for their high-quality products, especially their TVs. 

There are many factories around the world that make Sony TVs, so where are Sony TVs made? This article will discuss their factories around the world. 

Sony has been making televisions since 1969 with their Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions. They’ve made everything from big screen TVs to small screen TVs to LED TVs to plasma TVs to LCD TVs to 4K TVs to OLED TVs to smart TVs.

Sony stopped manufacturing TVs in Japan in 1989. Sony started making televisions again in 2000.

Where are Sony TVs made?

Sony TVs were first made in Tokyo, Japan. Then, the company built several TV manufacturing plants around the world. Now, Sony TVs are manufactured in many countries, including India, Malaysia, Slovakia, China and others.

8 Countries Where Sony TVs are Made

Here are the countries where Sony manufactures their TVs.

1. China

The TV manufacturing plant in China is in the city of Shandong. Together with Foxconn starting in 2011, they make about 30 million screen panels every year. This is Sony’s largest LCD TV plant in the world.

The China factory was started after they sold the TV manufacturing plants in Mexico and Slovakia. 

The Sony TVs made in China are sold only to the Chinese market. It’s highly unlikely that you would receive a TV made in China unless you purchased it there or you bought a used Sony TV second-hand from someone. 

2. India

Sony used to have its own TV factory in India. Due to slumping TV sales and losses, the plant was shut down. Manufacturing of Sony televisions in India was halted for about a decade starting in 2005.

Sony India didn’t have much money, but it did have a lot of options. Sony could go into partnership with another company, or it could buy out a competitor. Sony could also try to make more products in India, or it could sell off some of its assets.

However, Sony returned to India in 2015. Again, Sony teamed up with Foxconn to make Sony TVs in India to serve the Indian market.

So, starting that year, Foxconn started making TVs using Sony technology. This was because Sony had lost money in manufacturing TVs. Foxconn took over the factory and made TVs under the Sony brand.

3. Japan

Japan is the birthplace of the Sony brand. Sony started producing CRTs in 1969 in the Inazawa, Japan factory. The manufacturing plant made the same TV models until it switched to LCDs in 2004. 

Sony’s Inazawa plant was the first plant to make Sony TVs. Since then, Sony has built other plants in Japan. However, from 2009 to 2010, Sony sold most of these plants to other companies.

The Sony TVs made in Japan are sold to the local Japanese market, as well as to other Asian countries, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Today, most Japanese people watch TV via satellite or cable. However, there are still some Japanese who use old-fashioned antennas to receive TV signals. In addition, some Japanese people buy TV sets made by Sony Corporation. These TVs are manufactured by other companies as well.

4. Malaysia

Outside the factory in Japan, the Malaysia manufacturing plant is the largest maker of Sony TVs. Sony makes most of its televisions in Malaysia. The company also researches and develops products there. The factory is located in Penang, Malaysia, the same place where Sony’s R&D centers are located.

In September 2020, Sony started moving its TV production from Penang to Selangor, Malayasia. The company announced that the Penang plant would be closed by March 2022. The company said that the plant would close due to a lower demand for TVs.

The company only wanted to upgrade their production system. In 2021 they deploy their first unmanned TV manufacturing in Malasia. This new plant will continue to produce Sony Televisions. But this time, they will be operated by robots & machines.

5. Mexico

The Sony TV manufacturing plant in Tijuana, Mexico has been making Sony TVs for North America, Central America, and South America for decades.

They started with CRT TVs, then OLED models, and now LCD TVs starting in 2005. 

In 2009, Sony sold 90% of its shares in the manufacturing plant to Foxconn, a Taiwanese manufacturing company.

6. Russia

The Sony Russia plant opened in 2009 in Tver, Russia. The Sony TVs made in this factory are sold to the local Russian market, as well as to Europe. 

The manufacturing plant is actually owned by Jabil Circuit and Sony outsources the TV manufacturing to them. 

7. Slovakia

There are two TV manufacturing plants located in Slovakia. One is located in Trnava, and the other is located in Nitra. The Trnava factory opened in 1996 and the Nitra plant opened in 2007, being one of the largest Sony plants. 

Both production facilities focus on manufacturing TV components. These components are then shipped to other Sony TV factory locations around the world. In 2007, the plant in Trnava began producing LCD TVs for the European Market.

In 2010, Sony saw a decline in TV sales and sold the Nitra plant to Foxconn. Sony TVs were still made, but Sony outsourced manufacturing to Foxconn. The factory makes about 3 million Sony TVs per year for the European markets. 

8. Spain

Sony manufactures most of its products in Japan, but some of them were made in Barcelona, Spain. The company shifted from making CRT TVs to LCD TVs in 2005 because of high demand for those types of TVs in Europe.

Sony TV plants were closed down in 2010 though when they sold the plant to Ficosa Corporation. The new owners specialize in manufacturing components for the automotive industry.

Are Sony TVs Reliable?

Yes! Sony TVs have a very long history of reliability. They have been known for their durability. Their TVs are in the high-end of the market due to their quality. 

Sony is still setting a high standard in the television market. It offers great picture quality and outstanding sound quality for an amazing viewing experience. It also has an excellent range of models with displays in 4K, 8K, and OLED screens. 

Sony is always updating their technology to make better TVs. They have introduced many innovations over the years, especially with their Smart TVs and the Sony Bravia XR line.

Where Sony TVs are Made Final Thoughts 

Sony TVs are reliable and offer great features. They are more expensive, but they are worthy of the premium price. Sony TVs will last for many years and are easy to use. If you want a great TV set, then look no further than Sony.

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