Where Are Vizio TVs Made?

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Vizio makes great, affordable TVs, and with their awesome deals, you can get a new TV for less than $200 sometimes on a great sale. But where are Vizio TVs made?

In this article, I’ll take a look at where Vizio TVs are made, the Vizio company and many frequently asked questions about Vizio. 

Where Are Vizio TVs Made?

Vizio TVs are designed in California in the USA, but they are actually manufactured and assembled in other countries. All of the manufacturing takes place outside of the US.

Countries where Vizio TVs are manufactured, include China, Mexico, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand. Vizio outsources the manufacturing to companies based in those countries, including Foxconn, BOE, Innolux, KIE, TPV, Tonly, and ZYlux. The manufacturers buy the TV components and then assemble the Vizio Smart TVs in their factories. 

Vizio TVs are made by Vizio Corporation, a company based in Irvine, California. Vizio makes televisions, computer monitors, and other consumer electronics products.

Vizio also owns a subsidiary called Vizio Electronics USA Inc., which markets and distributes Vizio branded products in the United States. 

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Vizio’s design team is headquartered in Irvine, California. Every Vizio TV was designed with two things in minds: customer experience and cost, as well as outsourcing the manufacturing of its TVs and the sourcing of all necessary parts. This keeps costs down.

Designers collaborate with manufacturers to create affordable products. They do not develop or invent technologies used in their products.

Vizio doesn’t own most of the intellectual property. Instead, they rely on non-exclusive licenses from third parties.


Vizio relies on third party manufacturers to make their products. Most of these manufacturers are based in Asia.

Vizio relies heavily on outside manufacturers to manage the prices of most of the components used in their TVs. Three companies account for more than 80 percent of Vizio’s inventory purchases.

Vizio TVs are made up of many different components. Each component must be tested before the TV is complete. Once the TV is complete, it is sent to the warehouse where it is stored until it is ready to be shipped.


Vizio sells their TVs to retail stores, wholesalers, and directly to customers all throughout the United States, but they ship the most TVs through Amazon.

Vizio sells TVs at a lower cost than other brands. This allows them to sell TVs at a cheaper price.

In Q2 2021, Vizio shipped over 1.1 million Smart TVs and a total of over 80 million TVs in its history.

These are some of the newest and most advanced Vizio smart TVs: 

Who Makes Vizio TVs Final Thoughts

Vizios are made in many different places around the world.

Vizio doesn’t own the majority of the tech in their TVs. Instead they have non-exclusive licenses with the various owners of IP. Once the manufacturers make the TVs, they ship them to the US where Vizio sells them at various retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart.

To date, Vizio has sold more than 80 million TVs and is worth $3.5 billion. It is incredibly impressive how fast Vizio has grown. But hey, that’s what happens when you make quality products at a reasonable price!

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Vizio TVs FAQs

Is Vizio a Good Brand?

Yes, Vizio is one of the best brands out there. Their TVs are reliable, easy to use, and look great. They’re also very affordable. Their value TVs offer great picture quality at an affordable price.

Is Vizio Going Out of Business?

Vizio is not going out of business. They will continue making TVs even if they don’t sell as much as they did last year. The company will still be profitable. After selling over 80 million TVs that are worth over 3.5 billion dollars, Vizio is here to stay.

Who are Vizio’s Competitors?

Vizio is a leading manufacturer of TVs, home theater systems, smart televisions, and other consumer electronics products. Its competitors include Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Philips, Toshiba, and others.

How Many Years Does a Vizio TV Last?

A Vizio TV lasts 7 years on average if you take good care of it. If you don’t, then your Vizio TV could last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. How you use your TV will be the biggest factor in determining how long it lasts.

Are Vizio TVs Reliable?

The Vizio smart TV provides a good and reliable product, even though it’s not a high-end brand. It is known for providing a great experience to customers at a great price point. 

Do Vizio TVs Last Long?

Vizio TVs can last up to 7 years depending on how you use them, the settings that are used, the volume that the TV is played at, how you treat them, and how you care for them. You should never put them in direct sunlight or leave them outside. Also, keep them away from pets and children that might accidentally hit them or knock them down.

Why are Vizio TVs So Cheap?

Vizio TVs are often cheaper than many other TV brands. They’re often missing some of the more advanced features available on other TVs. Their firmware may not be as good as others. The production costs of Vizio TVs are lower too, so they pass on the savings to consumers. All of these factors combine to make this TV less affordable.

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