iRobot Roomba 891 Vs 675

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If you’re new to the world of robotic vacuum cleaners, you may think that two models made by the same company have similar features. You’re right! The iRobot 891 and the 675 have comparable cleaning capabilities, but each offers something different that may appeal to you.

To better understand what sets the two apart from one another, we’ve created a guide highlighting what makes the 891 and the 675 solid pieces of technology to own for your household.

Quick Comparison: Roomba 891 vs 675

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#1. iRobot 675
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#2. Roomba 891
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#1. iRobot 891

The more expensive model of iRobot’s popular Roomba, the 891, can clean across many types of flooring surfaces. It’s a solid machine with outstanding battery power and decent clearance.


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Ease is what the iRobot 891 delivers. The robotic vacuum cleaner is among the top models made by the company and comes with a steep price tag. If getting what you’ve paid for is essential, you’ll find more than the appearance of the Roomba 891 appealing.

Different from the all-black models you run across regular, the addition of a champagne-colored inner ring sets it apart and makes it appear more regal.

More importantly, the addition of Cliff Detect sensors makes it, so the vacuum doesn’t steer off course regularly. Voice control and the 891’s scheduling app make you less of a participant in vacuuming and more of an onlooker.51A yDOrjmL

If the idea of a Wi-Fi enabled machine that you can control through a mobile app or with voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant appeals to you, you’d love what this model has to offer you.

iRobot Roomba 891 WiFi Connect Robotic Vacuum on QVC

Exterior Features Champagne-Colored Inner Ring

When placed next to the 675, you’ll notice a distinct difference in appearance. The 891 is not solid black but instead has a champagne-colored inner ring setting it apart.


For most people, it’s not much of a big deal, but if you’re the type of person who wants to leave your docking system out in the open without it taking away from the beauty of your room, you’ll care about the addition of color.

Patented Dirt Detect Technology

It’s not enough to go through the motions of cleaning. You want an intuitive machine that picks up on extra dirty areas so that it adequately cleans them. Thanks to the 891’s Patented Dirt Detect technology, the grimiest areas of flooring can be addressed accordingly.

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The sensors inside the machine make sure that there isn’t a trace of dirt, dust or debris left by the time the machine has finished with it. That means a healthier environment for everyone involved and a cleaner appearance year-round.

Multi-Surface Brushes


If you live in a home with multiple surfaces, you know that one cleaning mode won’t do for them all. Neither will one specific brush. The 891 has multi-surface brushes meant to tackle all types of flooring.


It could be hardwood, vinyl, low-pile, or high-pile carpeting. You’ll get the same kind of cleanliness across the board. Part of the reason for the machine’s success is its strong suction paired with brushes that go through three stages to make sure that no dirt, dust or dander is left behind.

#2. iRobot 675

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The 675 has many of the same technologies as the 891. It has the multi-surface brushes making it a suitable machine for all types of flooring. It contains Patented Dirt Detector sensors that make it possible for it to maneuver to the dirtier areas of a floor and tackle it like a pro.


The 675 isn’t without the technologies that make iRobot products desirable, either. There’s voice control as well as a mobile app for more natural scheduling capabilities.


When looking for a vacuum that does the job that you need it to do, it’s important to discern which features matter most to you. A vacuum that can handle dirt, dust, and grime is ideal.


One that takes every measure possible to clean a room is best, making the three-stage cleaning system offered by the 675 perfect for households of all sizes. Automation is another big selling point.

If you’re busy and don’t have the time to clean while at home, you can schedule it through the app and return to freshly vacuumed floors.

iRobot Roomba 675 review Alexa Enabled

Three-Stage Cleaning System

A higher level of clean is achievable with the right system. Thanks to the three stages of Agitating, Brushing, and Suction, the dirtiest areas of carpeting and flooring get the extra attention that they need. The 675 handles the task with the greatest of ease thanks to the many sensors it contains.


Voice Commands

Like the 891, you can command the Roomba to clean by initiating a vacuuming session through your voice. If you own a device with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can link the two and then tell the robotic vacuum what to do.


When the machine has completed cleaning the room or rooms as you’ve dictated, it returns to its charging dock to get ready for another day’s worth of vacuuming.

Scheduling and Monitoring Through Mobile App

Most of the newer models of iRobot products have access to Wi-Fi and the Home App that allows for easy scheduling and monitoring of progress.


If you live a hectic life, this feature is a lifesaver because you don’t need to be present in the home to start a cleaning session. You can do it from the convenience of the app while you work, grocery shop, or go to the gym.

The Clear Winner

The 675 delivers just as much cleaning power as the 891. The only real difference is the champagne-colored ring that the latter model sports. If you could care less about appearance but are a stickler about performance, you can save yourself the money and opt for the less expensive of the two models.

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You won’t miss out on automation by opting to buy the 675 opposed to the 891 because it has the same scheduling app and voice control options, making it possible for you to streamline the cleaning process as much as possible.

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