iRobot Roomba e6 Review

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The iRobot Roomba e6 is the updated version of the Roomba e5, although not much has changed internally with this budget-friendly option in the complete Roomba lineup. 

For a quick summary, the Roomba e6 has the same technical specifications, cleaning power, battery and run time as its sibling, the e5. The main differences are the accessories, as the e6 comes with an extra filter and two virtual wall barriers (with the e6 6198 package set).

The e6 also has Wi-Fi capabilities, so it can be wirelessly controlled with the iRobot Home app for scheduled cleanings. The e6 offers a great value for the low price, even if mapping and navigation is simple. 

In this article, we’ll go through the Roomba e6 details and if it’s the right robot vacuum for you. 

You can find Roomba e6 robot vacuums online at Walmart.

Roomba e6 Features and Benefits

Technical Specifications

Let’s start with the technical specs of the Roomba e6.

  • Size Dimensions: 13.3 × 13.3 × 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 pounds
  • Navigation System: iAdapt 1.0
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 3300 mAh
  • Runtime: Up to 90 minutes on hard floors
  • Charge Time: 3 hours

Robot Vacuum Design

There are two color patterns, so when you purchase it, look for the other 4 model numbers and for images. 

The Roomba e6 6134 is gray on black. 

The Roomba e6 6198 is tan on black.

Everything is the same internally, it’s just the highlight colors that are different. The other difference between the two e6 models is what comes in the box.  

What Comes in the Roomba e6 Box?

The e6 comes with an extra replacement filter. Filters should be changed out every 3-5 months depending on how often it’s run and maintained. The extra filter will help save you from buying a replacement filter. 

The e6 6198 version also comes with 2 virtual wall barriers, while the e6 6134 version doesn’t come with any. 

The two Dual-Mode virtual wall barriers included in the e6 6198 are Roomba’s battery operated towers with two modes to protect your valuables on the floor. 

The first mode is called Linear Mode. This is used to block off areas such as rooms, hallways, etc.

The second mode is called Halo Mode. This is used for protecting items like pet dishes, floor lamp or planter by creating a halo circle around itself.

Where to Buy the Roomba e6

The Roomba e6 is a special model built by iRobot for specific retailers. It’s not available on Amazon. 

The Rooma e6 6134 model (gray on black) is available at Walmart’s website

The Rooma e6 6198 model (tan on black) is available at select Costco stores. The Roomba i8 and Roomba i4+ are more readily available at Costco. 

Brushes and Brush Rollers

The bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner has dual brush rollers made of rubber and are meant to be tangle-free from hair. 

When they spin, they’ll agitate and pull in debris from carpets and hardwood. 

There is also a side brush roller that sweeps along the side of the Roomba to catch the debris along wall edges and corners.

Filters – Great for Pet Hair

The Roomba e6 has a high-efficiency filter that will capture 99% of allergens. It’s great if you have allergies due to pollen or dust mites.

The filter quality is HEPA-like. They don’t have the HEPA certification, but are rated the same. iRobot and some other robot vacuum vendors stopped obtaining the HEPA certification for filters, but they’re still the same quality. 

The filters work great to trap dust, dust mites, pollen, pet hair, and more. 

Navigation and iAdapt 1.0

The iAdapt system is used to guide the robot around your home. Once it senses something in front of it, it stops and checks for obstacles. They use ultrasonic waves to detect objects while others use infrared rays. In either case, once the e6 robot detects an object by bumping into it, it will stop moving forward and move in a different direction.

The Roomba e6 will bump into objects. If it encounters something that won’t move, it changes direction and tries another path. Robots do not stop until they reach a wall.

The robot moves randomly around the room, but it does clean everything eventually. People often think that the robot doesn’t do anything because it isn’t programmed to go everywhere, but that is not true. The robot knows what it needs to do, and it does it. But sometimes it doesn’t clean every single inch of rooms. 

It will cover all the open and highly trafficked surfaces though. It will also get into the nooks and crannies and under the furniture.

If you run the e6 a second time or more, each cleaning cycle will clean different areas of your home and all the missed spots will have been cleaned.

Three Ways to Control the e6

There are three options when it comes to controlling the robot vacuum: buttons on the vacuum, a mobile app, and voice commands. 

There are three buttons on the robot itself, but there are many more possibilities for how to use them. The big button is the cleaning button, you will press this to wake up the robot and again to tell it to go into cleaning mode.

You can use the home button to return your robot to its charging station. Clean the robot by pressing the clean button twice. Then, press the spot clean button to concentrate cleaning solutions into a specific area or to quickly clean up a spill.

With the iRobot Home App, you’ll get access to everything your Roomba can do. From scheduling cleanings to giving your home a makeover, there’s nothing your robot won’t be able to handle.

The third option is using an Amazon Echo, or Google Home enabled device with voice commands, such as “Alexa, start Roomba.” Using the mobile app, you could also schedule tasks by saying “I’m going shopping” while walking out the door. However, if you’re away from home, then you’ll need to be close enough to hear the command.


To schedule a cleaning using the Roomba e 6, you need to pair the device to your smartphone via the iRobot Home App. Then use the app to create cleaning events at certain days and times. 

App Control

You can use the iRobot SmartHome app to connect the Roomba to your home Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you can access the app from any device and remotely start/stop the cleaning cycle or change settings such as scheduling and power options.

The app is useful as a scheduled cleaner, but also offers some additional features. Register and name your vacuum. Change spoken languages and set push notifications to receive real time alerts on the cleaning cycle.

Cleaning Performance

The Roomba e6 suction power is 5x the power of the Roomba 600 series of robot vacuums, so it packs some oomph. 

The cleaning performances were great across all floor types. The results were 100% for cereals, rice, and cat litter, and between 98-99% for sugar. Sugar is much smaller, so it can be a bit tougher to pick up, especially when it gets wet and sticks to floor surfaces.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The Roomba e6 did well overall, but it wasn’t as fast or efficient as other models we tested. We liked how the robot vacuum cleaned up pet hair and dirt, though.

Low Pile and High Pile Carpet Cleaning

The Roomba e6 did well on both low and high pile carpets as well, but had a tough time with high pile and smaller debris. For example, sugar will hide more easily in high pile carpet, so you running the e6 a couple times over the carpet will help it pick up the smaller debris. 

How long does setup take?

The initial setup of e6 is easy and quick, taking only 5-10 minutes. It depends how fast it takes you to open the box and find a place for the Roomba’s base station where the Roomba will live

The robot vacuums do come with batteries somewhat charged, but it’s best always fully charge new batteries to 100% first and then run it. 

Is the Roomba e6 a Good Value?

All things considered, does the Roomba e 6 make sense? Yes! The price point of this robotic vacuum is half the cost or more of higher-end Roomba robot vacuums. The Roomba e6 is great at cleaning floors and offers exceptional value for the money.

Roomba e5 vs e6: Which is the better value?

The Roomba e6 is priced similarly to the e5, but it can include more accessories. Both devices work similarly, so you won’t see a huge difference in cleaning performance, if any. 

I would buy the Roomba e6 as it’s the newer model and comes with extra accessories.

Who the Roomba e6 is For

The Roomba e6 is designed to clean your floors without having to lift a finger. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to remotely control the robot vacuum cleaner. All of this makes the Roomba e6 a great choice for allergy sufferers, as well as families with children.

You want scheduling capabilities for your housekeeping tasks. Cleaning should be easy, but you also care about cost savings.

Who the Roomba e6 is Not For

The Roomba e6 is great value, but can also be limited for some homes and people. 

If you want more efficient cleaning paths and not the randomness of the e6 you’ll want to get one of the i-series models. The more expensive models will also be able to save floor layouts, so it will be more efficient and clean faster, because it already knows your home’s layout.

If you have a larger home, more than 1100 square feet, you’ll want an i-series or s9 model, because they have the Recharge and Resume feature. It will recharge itself when low on battery and then resume cleaning where it stopped.

If you have multiple floors in your home, you’ll want a Roomba that will save your home’s floor plan. Unfortunately, the Roomba e6 doesn’t have that. You’ll need to upgrade to the Roomba i7, i8+ or s9. 

Roomba e6 Review Final Thoughts

The Roomba e6 is a great option for those who are on a budget, have pets and carpet at home. It also comes with WiFi connectivity that allows you to use the mobile app to set cleaning schedules, so it’s convenient. 

Check out the Roomba e6 at Walmart’s online store now

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Roomba e6 FAQs

What year did Roomba e6 come out?

The Roomba e6 was released in 2018. 

What is the difference between Roomba e5 and Roomba e6?

The main differences between the Roomba e5 and e6 are the colors and accessories that come with them. The Roomba e5 colors are all black, while the e6 has a tan highlight on its black body. 

Does Roomba e6 clean the carpet?

Yes, the Roomba e6 will clean carpets and hardwood floors with their dual, rubber brush rollers. It will clean low pile and high pile carpets. 

Does Roomba e6 map your house?

No, the Roomba e6 doesn’t map your house. It has the iAdapt 1.0 navigation technology, so it will run in random cleaning paths. But that doesn’t mean your house won’t be clean either. They rely on their sensors to determine where they are and what direction they need to go. 

How long does it take to charge Roomba e6?

You can expect to charge the Roomba e6 for approximately 2-3 hours depending on how depleted the battery is. To charge the robot vacuum cleaner, simply plug it into the wall outlet. 

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