iRobot Roomba j7+ vs i8+ Comparison Review

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The Roomba j7+ and base model j7 are the latest Roomba models released. How does it compare with iRobot’s Costco-exclusive Roomba i8+ model?  

This article will compare the two Plus+ models Roomba j7+ vs i8+.

For those in a hurry, the Roomba j7+ is the better value than the Roomba i8+, especially if you have pets. The j7+ has the new PrecisionVision Navigation feature that will navigate around and avoid pet waste, electrical chords, toys, and other obstacles on the floor. 

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Roomba j7+ vs i8+ Features

Let’s start with covering the model versions available for the Roomba j7 and i8+.

Plus Features – Clean Base and Self-Empty

iRobot created the Regular Base Roomba j7 and j7+ Plus models. The Roomba i8+ Plus model does not have a non-Plus version. 

The only differences between the regular and plus models are the self-empty base, the Self-Emptying  Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal docking station.

The Roomba j7 and j7+ are the same robot vacuums when it comes to smart features and functions, but they recharge on different docking stations. The j7+ will dock and recharge on the Clean Base station, which is where it also self-empties. 

Similar to the j7/j7+, the Roomba i8+ also charges and self-empties its dustbin on a Clean Base dock. 

If your budget isn’t as large, you can buy the more inexpensive base model Roomba j7 first. Then you can purchase the Clean Base dock separately later when you have the funds. That will change the j7 to a j7+ model. Unfortunately, there’s no regular i8 model that’s available to purchase. 

A Clean Base unit holds approximately 60 days worth of debris — roughly equivalent to 30 dustbins full of dirt. Depending on how big your home is and how often you run the Roomba vacuum. 

Design, Size, and Weight

Both the Roomba j7+ and i8+ have the circular shape that Roomba robot vacuums are well-known for, but there is one key difference besides the shiny chrome / stainless steel design of hte j7+. 

When it comes to the size and weight, the Roomba j7+ is a tad heavier, while the i8+ is a bit taller.

 Roomba j7 and j7+Roomba i8+
Weight3.4 kg (7.49 lbs)3.3 kg (7.28 lbs)
Height8.6 cm (3.4 inches)9.2 cm (3.63 inches)

Another major difference is the number of buttons that each have on the top. The Roomba i8+ has the traditional 3 buttons – Clean, Home, and Spot – that many of the Roomba models have. iRobot has designed their latest robot vacuum cleaner, the Roomba j7+, to be sleeker with only 1 button – Clean. 

The lack of buttons isn’t a major issue as you can also control all of Roomba’s functions through voice command and the mobile app. More on those below. 

Battery and Capacity

Both the Roomba j7+ and i8+ have lithium-ion batteries that charge and run efficiently. 

The Roomba j7+ has a battery life and run time of 75 minutes, while the i8+ can run longer at 90 minutes. The extra 20% of run time on the i8+ is nice, but I don’t consider it a major buying decision factor because both of the Roombas can recharge and resume automatically. 

Both of them have the Recharge and Resume feature that tells the Roomba to go back to the docking station to recharge. After the robot vacuum finishes recharging, it will continue vacuuming where it left off before it went to recharge.

Recharge and Resume is great because I don’t worry about manually charging the Roomba during a cleaning session. And with the Cleaning Base, they can both self-empty debris and dust. I can go to the office, let the Roomba clean, and be welcomed home to clean floors.

Cleaning Technology System and Suction Power

The suction power of both the Roomba i8+ and j7+ are the same at 10x the power of the Roomba 600 series models. 

With 10x the suction power, that allows them to suck up dust and debris from hardwood floors, tile floors and carpets as well. 

They utilize iRobot’s Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System that lifts, loosens, and sucks up debris. They use a combination of brushes, cyclonic technology, and high-efficiency HEPA filters to remove allergens and fine particles from the air. 

Dual Brush Rollers and Edge Sweeping Brushes

The Roomba i8+ and j7+ both have dual multi surface brush rollers that will agitate carpets and debris to make it easier to suck them up. 

The j7+ and i8+ rollers are located in the middle of the circular shape. They’re part of a 3-stage cleaning system that helps lift and loosen dirt off of floors.

The brush rollers are made of rubber, so the chance of pet hair getting tangled is significantly reduced. Old-school bris­tle rollers will lead to tangles of both human and pet hair that are very difficult to untangle.

They both come with edge-sweeping brushes for wall edges and corner areas. But with its circular shape, it may not reach all the way into corners. The Roomba s9+ is better at reaching further into wall edges and corners because of its D-shape and 90° angle.

Another cool feature of these brush rollers is their adaptability to different floor heights, such as moving from carpet to hardwood floor to rug. The rollers will self-adjust to accommodate different heights.

Filters and Dustbin Capacities

iRobot Roomba vacuums have High-Efficiency Filters installed, which are just short of HEPA level filtration, but these still capture 99% of allergens.

However, you can find HEPA filters that will work with Roomba on Amazon or other online shops

The Roomba j7+ has a 500-ml dustbin that is washable and the i8+ has a 400ml washable dustbin. But with these +Plus Roomba models, you don’t need to worry about the dustbin size because they will self-empty up to 30 dustbins worth of dirt and debris.

That’s up to 60 days that you won’t need to manually empty anything. Since they will recharge automatically, that’s also up to 60 days that the Roomba robot is completely autonomous. 

If you have the base Roomba j7 model without the Clean Base dock, you’ll need to manually empty the dustbin during cleanings if the floors were dirtier than usual. 

Navigation and Mapping Features

A new navigation system is available with the Roomba J7+, PrecisionVision Navigation The on-board camera helps the j7+ avoid obstacles as it cleans, like electronics cords and pet feces.

Yes, you no longer need to pick up dog poop or other objects on the floor before your Roomba begins a cleaning session. If you have little kids like I do, the Ro­omba may not be capable of running through a maze of toys though.

If the new navigation somehow doesn’t work correctly and misses obstacles of cat and dog poop, iRobot has the new P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise) guarantee. The coverage lasts for one year and if the Roomba ever runs over poop, iRobot will replace your Roomba for free! 

The Roomba j7+ and i8+ have iAdapt 3.0 Smart Navigation and the Imprint Smart Mapping System. When it comes to creating maps of your home, they have the same smart mapping features.

After the j7+ and i8+ map your floor layout, you can give names for different rooms or areas of your home. That will allow you to tell Roomba what specific rooms to clean and not clean. 

These Smart Maps will help the Roombas clean your home more efficiently because they know the layout of your home. The older Roomba models and lower cost ones will move in random directions, resulting in longer cleaning times. 

You can create “Keep Out Zones” that tell the Roomba to avoid those areas during cleaning sessions. The iRobot Home app lets you review and customize maps and cleaning sessions. 

Imprint Smart Mapping Technology works with the Braava jet m6 robot mop by syncing the maps and what has and hasn’t been cleaned. Once the j7+ or i8+ finish vacuuming an area, the m6 can start mopping that same area that was just cleaned.

One difference between the j7+ and i8+ is that the i8+ will come with a 1 dual mode virtual wall barrier. The virtual wall barrier allows you to create a virtual flat wall or halo-shaped wall virtually that will stop the Roomba from moving into that space. 

iRobot Home App with iRobot Genius

The iRobot Home App connects to Wi-Fi connected Roomba models, so you can perform actions like scheduling cleanings and customizing cleaning maps. 

With the latest update, iRobot Genius is now included for both the Roomba j7+ and i8+. Genius will look at your personal cleaning habits and create customized cleaning schedules.

It can also look up information like local area pollen counts and when pet shedding season is, so it can schedule extra cleanings to keep your place spotless.  

The iRobot Home app gives you extra features like: 

  • Start, Pause, Stop Cleanings
  • Voice control (with a smart device like Amazon Echo Show 10)
  • Cleaning History 
  • Zoned Cleaning 
  • Smart Maps
  • Send Robot Back to Charge


It is important to maintain the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner as it is to keep it running in optimal condition for the longest possible time. It will help you save money and time in the long run.

Here are maintenance tips to keep in mind: 

  • Empty and Clean Roomba Dustbin  – If you don’t have a Clean Base charging station, empty the dustbin and Clean Base disposal bags regularly.
  • Clean the Roomba Filters – Clean the filter of dust and debris, so they don’t build up. Replacing the filter every few months is a good idea. If you’re regularly running the Roomba or your home is dirtier than normal, be sure to clean the filters.  
  • Clean the Brush Rollers – Remove pet hair and other debris that’s tangled in them. 
  • Clean the Edge Sweeping Brush – Remove any tangled hair and debris from them. 

iRobot Select Membership

This new iRobot Select Membership program lets you buy a more expensive Roomba on a monthly payment schedule. It’s a great plan if you don’t have the money to pay full price right away. 

The Roomba Select program started October 2021 and only available for the Roomba j7 and j7+ at the moment. 

The benefits of a Select membership include a Premium Protection Plan and the option to upgrade your Roomba every 3 years if you want to. You’ll always be up-to-date with the latest from iRobot for effective and efficient cleaning.

iRobot also offers an accessory replenishment feature to make sure you’re always stocked with replacement accessories for when you need it.

The accessory option is a monthly payment of $29, but there’s also an activation fee of $99 for the j7+ or $0 for the j7. 

The customer service support department is also available to you. 

Roomba j7+ vs i8+ – Who is Each Roomba Better For?

So which is better and for who? 

  • If you have a large home, get the Roomba i8+ for the 20% larger battery.
  • If you have more carpets than hardwood floors, the Roomba j7+ and i8+ will offer similar results
  • For cleaning times, the Roomba j7+ and i8+ will be the same. 
  • If you have pets and they’re not housebroken, get the j7+ for the P.O.O.P. feature to avoid pet poop.
  • If you have kids and they leave a lot of toys on the floor, get the j7+ for PrecisionVision Navigation to avoid obstacles. 
  • If you’re more price sensitive, get the Roomba j7+ with the iRobot Select Membership for monthly payments. 

Roomba j7+ vs i8+ Final Thoughts

Both robots can do amazing things. They both work well and they both offer great value for money. The main difference will come down to your needs and home layout. 

If all else is equal, I’d go with the Roomba j7+ as it offers better value and has the obstacle avoidance feature.

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Roomba j7+ vs j7+ Differences

The only difference between the Roomba j7 and j7+ is the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal Self-Empty charging station that comes with the j7+. All other technical specifications and features are on both the regular j7 and the Plus model, j7+. The Clean Base unit is worth the extra money, because you can head to the office for the day and your Roomba will clean and empty its dustbin by itself.  

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