Is There a Roomba Child Lock?

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If you have kids, especially young children, you know that they love to play with any and everything they can get their hands on. That includes the Roomba. 

Car doors will have a child lock safety feature that you can turn on, so that kids won’t be able to open the door. But when it comes to electronics at home, you can’t always just hide the remote control.

Roombas are worth the higher price tag, but you may not want kids playing with the Roomba and wondering, is there a Roomba child lock? 

Unfortunately, there’s no child lock on the Roomba to deactivate the buttons on the robot vacuum cleaner. The only way to prevent children from accidentally causing action by pressing Roomba buttons is to turn off the Roomba vacuum. 

Here are some tips to protect your Roomba from being damaged by children. 

Tips to Protect Roomba from Children

Here are some tips to keep the Roomba out of the reach from children to help protect it: 

  1. Keep your Roomba in an area where children cannot reach it.
  2. Make sure that the Roomba has been turned off before leaving the house.
  3. Remove or cover all of the Roombas buttons.
  4. Place the Roomba somewhere out of sight, like under the sink.
  5. Use a child-proof lockbox to store the Roomba.

Fun with a Baby and Roomba

The Roomba is great for cleaning up dirt and debris around the house. It also makes a fun toy for babies and toddlers, at least they think so. 

Roomba vacuums are pretty sturdy and can carry some weight. If your baby can sit upright already, you can put a baby on top of the Roomba and give them a ride. Babies love the motion of the Roomba as well, which helps them learn about movement. 

Babies Riding Roombas

Roomba Child-Proof Final Thoughts

The Roomba is a great robotic vacuum cleaner for homes with small children. It’s easy to use and clean up after. However, you still don’t want kids messing around with your Roomba because they could potentially damage the Roomba. 

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